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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


Previous Member of ASDP




BEFORE - Harley Overalls AFTER - Harley - New Jeans AFTER - New jeans fitting so fine!! Slit sided capi's shortened

Franks newly cuffed hem Franks newly cuffed hem Front - Move belt loops & take sides in Back - Move belt loops & take sides in
Close-up of waistband after alteration Hem work needed ---> Front - Hem work as well Back - hem work as well
Rip BEFORE Rip Repair - AFTER AFTER - Took in the waist & seat of the pants due to weight loss CLOSE-UP after taking jeans in.

Joy was finally able to fit into her size 10 skinny jeans - WooHoo

Only problem was that they looked like horse riding pants.  So, her request was to take in the hips so that they didn't have all that extra fabric her body shape did not need.  

VIOLA!  A very happy client who left wearing her fine fitting jeans!

FRONT - after hip area was taken in SIDE - after hip area was taken in BACK - after hip area was taken in  
Jean Hem - Showing the original hem next to the new hem Jean Hem - Outside using same white thread Jean Hem - showing both the inside and outside - same thread colors as before Jean Hem - Showing the inside heavy hem as the original pair of jeans had.
Pant Hem - Side/Front Pant Hem - Back/Heel Pocket Hole prior to repair Repair of half pocket
Inside jeans - belt loop tear Outside jeans - belt loop torn off Outside Jeans - hole repaired Loop re-attached and looking great!
Jean crotch ripped open - inside view Jean crotch ripped open - outside view Jean crotch - repaired & ready to wear Jean crotch - repaired & ready to wear
Inside view of ladies dress pant hem Outside view of ladies dress pant hem Hems on slacks & jacket sleeves Hems on slacks & jacket sleeves

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