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Re-Fashioned Items

August 2009 

Jeans purchased at Salvation Army refashioned into Bell-Bottom Jeans with blue camo inserts

< -----

Barefoot in her new bell bottom jeans Blue Denim Camo added Boots w/new bell bottom jeans  

A lovely Khaki Jumper that was hard to depart with, was transformed into a tote bag for college & grocery needs

Used khaki jeans for the handles

Lined w/a cotton fabric that matched the outside embroidery

BEFORE - lovely Khaki Jumper BEFORE - lovely Khaki Jamper AFTER - Awesome Tote Bag AFTER - Awesome Tote Bag
BEFORE-Long Denim Skirt - Back BEFORE-Long Denim Skirt - Front AFTER-Shorten Denim Skirt - Front AFTER-Shorten Denim Skirt - Back
AFTER - Skirt fitting the way it was meant to fit! AFTER - A comfortable fit    
T-shirt resized from x-lg to med and fixed seams so the were straight      




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