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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


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Heirlooms are something special that can and will be passed down from one generation to the next.

Heirlooms to be made from gowns, grandparent clothing & linens, etc. :  quilts, infant items, Christening Gowns, 1st Communion dresses, pot-holders, memory lap quilts, etc.  I can transform your vision into reality.

Gown to Family Heirloom

After the wedding: gowns are being transformed in Christening gowns & boy outfits & 1st Communion Dresses.  Using the child's grandmother's wedding dress will also provides a cherished garment that will be treasured.  These same garments can be custom made from other materials you provide for this special moment in the child's life.  What can you do after?  Display it in a shadow box with mementos' from their special day. 

January 2011 - First Communion to Christening

Mary called me inquiring whether I would be able to create a Christening gown from her daughter's First Communion Dress.  I told her it would depend on how much fabric was available in the dress and the condition the fabric was in.  Fortunately, after some consultation, and deciding how we would go about achieving her goal,  I was able to make a shorter length Christening Gown for her granddaughter, using her daughter's vintage First Communion Dress.  The material was delicate, providing a very delicate gown for her granddaughter "Brooke"

All  materials used in the Baptismal Gown were from the original dress that Mary's daughter wore for her 1st Communion.

Brooke modeling her Christening Gown created using her mom's 1st Communion Dress Lee Middleton doll, having similar measurements to Brooke, modeled the dress for preview photo's                   A close-up of the work done



October 2006 - Wedding to Baptism

Stephanie was married Sept 2005.  During the spring of 2006 Stephanie and her husband brought into this world a lovely daughter, Mairead.  This October, their honeymoon baby "Mairead" is to be Baptized.  In her attempt to have something special to pass down with Mairead and other generations, Stephanie wanted to have her wedding gown cut down into a new family heirloom - which was chosen to be this Baptism Gown.

All materials, including zipper for closure, were taken from Stephanie's wedding dress.  The bottom hem of the Baptism dress is the same trim that was at the bottom of Stephanie's dress.  The bodice, from Stephanie's wedding dress, was used on the bodice, sleeves, bonnet, and blanket edges.  The only material that was not original from the dress, was the fleece that was used for the fleece blanket.  The edging on the blanket, was the original satin from Stephanie's dress, pieced together to give it the final finish.

Thank you Stephanie.  It was a pleasure to work with you and your mom in creating this special heirloom for you and your family.   ~ Laura






Before pictures:

Stephanie's dress

 Before Transformation into

Mairead's Baptism Gown.


After Pictures, provided by Stephanie, sharing how lovely Mairead looks on her special day for her Baptism.  Thank you Stephanie for sharing.  

She's Gorgeous!



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