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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


Previous Member of ASDP



Custom Home Decor

Home Decor work was always done at the customers request.   Customers provided materials to complete the project along with any necessary measurements.


Custom Pillow w/corded trim

Coffee & End Table covers


Customer from MD provided  materials:   fabric, pillow form as well as corded trim.


Customer provided fabric and bias tape and requested that I create simple square/oblong table covers for her living room. The bias tape was added creating mitered corners on both sides of the fabric.

 Basic Curtains w/tie-backs & Lining

Curtain Alteration

Curtains were made with quality sheets.

The body pillow was made with matching blue fabric, from the same sheet set.

With this alteration, I was given two, full-length, Waverly Curtain Panels that had the jacquard topping with beaded trim to work with.  In addition, I was given the measurements desired for the finished length and width of each panel.  The full-length panels are used in the master bedroom, while the altered curtains are in the master bathroom, providing a smooth room transition.   The Finished Look:

The topper was removed, using the green jacquard material to create the tie-backs.  I kept the lining intact on the curtains, machine stitching where possible, yet hand stitching in other areas, to keep the professional finished look.  Only thing needed to complete this project was thread, and tie-back rings


Cushion and Pillow order for Susan C. in NJ - April 2008

This order was placed by Susan in NJ, who wanted to provide her son and daughter'n law something special to add to the decor of their home.  They had the couch, large pillows and curtains already, and wanted to get a cushion for the open area under the window, along with four toss pillows..  Due to the length of the cushion, it was not feasible for her to send the cushion.  With her ability to provide an accurate measurement I was able to provide an exact fit with a zipper closure in the back for an easy fit.  (NOTE:  This is not the preferred method in providing cushion covers).  The toss pillows were made without a zipper closure, and were accented with a lipped corded trim.

In working with this order, it was important to me to make sure that the pattern was accurately centered on the cushion as well as the pillows.  In doing so, it provided Susan the professional look that she was seeking.


This upholstery project was done for a family's downstairs activity rooms, which was also used for their church youth group activities.  The husband designed the built-in seating, and the cushions were cut and designed around his own beautiful custom work.  

The room on the right is the game room, which has a zebra design, using neutral colors, so neutral fabrics were chosen for the cushions, with zebra print fabric for the toss pillows.  The room on the left was used more for social and bible study gatherings, with blue hues, where a neutral blue fabric was chosen.  

I selectively take on upholstery work.  I do not generally take on many large upholstery projects.  



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