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Brandy's Bridal Party Replica's

Completed Outfits w/Girls

Wedding Date:

November 8th, 2009 in GA

Brandy's Flower Girls after they received their American Girl dolls dressed like themselves.

Below - Bridal Shower Display


Brandy's Bridal Party Replica's

Completed Oct. 17th, 2009

Wedding Date:

November 8th, 2009 in GA

Scroll through to see the beautiful replica's.  Thank you Brandy!

As simple as this particular dress looks, working with tulle and providing a ruffled edge is a little more complicated than working with regular fabric.  Needed to use clear, transparent nylon to avoid a harsh look on the seam.

There are two layers of tulle covering the bodice as well as the overskirts.  Both trimmed with the ribbon.

I found this dress to be quite an adorable replica.  I'm sure the young girl who will receive this replica on her new American Girl doll will be quite excited.

The doll that the girl will receive is not the same as pictured, as I am using my daughters' dolls as models.

A little more elegant and simple, this dress has the same bodice and shoulder straps.  The wider ribbon tie is finished with a nice bow.  Brandy will be able to adjust the length when she receives it and prior to presenting it to the recipient.

The above dress is the same style as the first one create in March for Brandy.  It is a balloon skirt style, where it was brought up on the sides to replicate the look that Brandy provided through pictures.  A second replica was needed for the gifts that Brandy wanted to provide the girls.

All dresses were made using Dupioni silk.  A beautiful fabric for making elegant bridal clothing, as well as the replica's.  I have to admit, it is one of my fabric fabrics to work with when replicating the American Girl size dresses.

All dresses have finished seams, and in some places the skirt side seams are serged.  The bodices are all completely lined, and the three final dresses have snap closures on the back.

Below are some photo's of two of the dolls together.  You will also be able to see a close-up of how I provided a French seam finish along the back seam, creating a nice finish.


March 2009 - Custom Flower Girl Replica

Here we have a Flower Girl Replica, that will be given as a gift for Brandy's Nov 2009 wedding.

The dress is made with Dupioni Silk, creating a knee length bubble skirt, with a fitted bodice.  The closure is done with 3 fabric covered buttons on the bodice, and a snap closure on the skirt at the waist line.  The seams are professionally done, yet no seams are exposed, providing for a nice finish.  The satin ribbon is temporary, as the bride will supply her own ribbon when the dress arrives in GA.

Thank you Brandy.  It was a pleasure recreating this miniature replica for your Flower Girl.  

Best Wishes.


1st Communion Replica for AG

This 1st Communion Dress replica was made for a young girl's American Girl Doll.  Trim & tulle (for veil) that was used on the replica was supplied by the customer to provide a close replica of the original dress, using a source I recommended.    The flowers on the veil and crown, the satin fabric and tulle used under the dress were provided by Laura of Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties.   At the end, the customer decided to add gloves and a purse to complete the final outfit.

2005 - 1st Communion Dress Replica for AG Doll

...original dress pictures....


Final Replica Pictures

What a delight it was to make such elegant  replica, for a young child to enjoy, as a reminder of a special day.


Singing In The Rain

Donna, from Waterville, NY, ordered this special bear, as a momentum for daughter Missy. Missy played Lina, for her school performance, in the musical production of Singing in the Rain.

First Communion Dress Replica

for Kathryn's American Girl doll, Samantha.

This replica is made using Casa Satin for the basic dress, with floral lace for the sleeves and a bodice overlay. A beautiful venice lace trim was used around the waistband with large ribbon roses, a beautiful lace trim on the hem, with mini pearl lace trim across the bodice and neckline. For the sleeve hem, I added a satin trim, which matches the satin trim across the bodice. Kathryn's dress had a zipper closure, where I used pearl buttons on this replica, with a sheer casa ribbon tie to form a large bow on the back to match her own dress.
"Kathryn, We hope this will always be a reminder of your 1st communion on Saturday, May 12, 2001.
We love you very much! Mom and Dad
P.S. A mother tries never to break a promise. Hope you and Samantha like the dress." 


Kayla's mom received an antique porcelain doll from her mother, that was made in the late 50's by her great-grandmother Olive Brunson, who was world re-known for her dolls. It was given to Kayla's grandmother on her 6th birthday in early 1960, and it was her desire to give the doll to Kayla (her granddaughter) around her 6th birthday. Since the clothes needed replacing, Kayla's mom chose to have Kayla's communion dress replicated to fit this very special doll that has been passed on to be enjoyed.  Kayla's mom chose to have the sleeves all satin, instead of using a sheer on the sleeves of the doll dress.  The replica was made using measurements provided by Kayla's mom.

June 2001 -  A special 1st Communion for Kayla 

May 2000 - Graduation Cap & Gown

Christine, from Casselman, Ontario, requested this duplicate graduation cap, gown and blouse for her daughter Amanda as a gift for her graduation.



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