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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


Previous Member of ASDP


Miniature Wedding Dress Replicas


Enjoy the photo's.  These were all a joy to create!

March 2009 - Vickie's Married Daughter's Replica

The above replica still needs to have a veil made, as does the replica below.  These are preliminary photo's.  The final photo's will be added soon.

March 2009 - For Chrissy who is to be married this June 2009


Current photo's of a bridal replica for this upcoming June 2009.  Vicki plans on presenting this replica to her daughter before she walks down the aisle as a special gift

The dress is Ivory, with a puckered skirt/hem line, with ivory lace w/silver beads sewn throughout. 

Just received an email from Vickie:

I love it!  I am so impressed by your talent!  I wish I could send your link to everyone but it would spoil my surprise!

Dec 2008 - A Miniature Wedding Christmas Ornament Replica

This ornament was a "thank you" gift to Meredith's bridesmaid's mother. Maureen.  She wanted to do something special for her, as she took care of her dress for one year prior to the wedding, pressed it and made sure it arrived at the Cathedral in good condition.
"Just wanted to let you know that I received the dress and I love it! Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule. I know that Maureen is going to love it."   Meredith

Christina - A wedding to remember! - Oct 2007

A gift presented to the bride, by her grandmother

The Bridal Party before the floral

Naomi - Wedding Dress Replica - July 2007

Naomi wrote and requested that I make a replica of her dress, that had been stored,  In replicating her dress, she requested that I use the material and trim from her actual gown.  With the trim being larger in proportion, the trim on the bodice could not be "exact", but provided Naomi the end result that she desired.

Naomi is to receive her replica on a dress form for her private display.  I am including pictures of the dress on the dress form, as well as a Robert Tonner - Tyler Wentworth doll, for your viewing.

October 2006

10 Year Anniversary Surprise for Wyatt's Wife Valerie

In September, Wyatt contacted me, asking if I would create his wife of 10 years a replica of her wedding dress.  This was something that she had requested of him when they got married.

The dress is made of satin, trimmed in lace and appliqués cut down to create a similar look to what his wife wore.  Within all the trimming, many tiny crystal beads were hand stitched in, along with some beading on the sleeve bands creating final touches of his wife's dress.  There are snap closures for easy removal, in the event they choose to find a doll similar to what Wyatt's wife looked like on their wedding day.

The dress is displayed on a 16" fashion doll dress form, which will be used in the display box that Wyatt is having prepared for his presentation for his wife.

Final Pictures

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

May your marriage continue to blossom with love and devotion.

Pictures Provided to work from (there were more close-ups)


October 2006

Ann-Christin, of Sweden, was looking to start collecting dolls displaying a variety of wedding dresses.  Here is her first, of a series of wedding dresses, she plans to collect for her favorite dolls.  This is a Candi doll, which is similar to a Barbie.

Final Pictures of Wedding Dress

Ann-Christin, thank you for your order.  I look forward to seeing the final pictures when you have your doll's hair done with the added veil and flowers that you already have.  - Laura

2004 - Barb

Bridal Replica

Barb provided materials to have this replica made from pictures she provided.


2004 - Barb

Barb wanted to have this vintage dress fixed/altered to better represent long time childhood memories.


A beautiful bride

Sometimes in life we are blessed a second time with a man who will provide fulfillment and joy.  It was a blessing to be able to provide the two replica's of the gowns that were worn at Jacque's wedding.  One for the ceremony with the second one for the reception.



2003 - Beaded Elegance for Miranda

Susan loves to provide her grand-daughters with replica's of their wedding gown on fashion dolls that have a similar appearance to her grand-daughter.  

Here is Miranda's replica

A beautiful, intricately beaded wedding gown.


To Alexandra, with special memories, of your marriage to our son. 

With much love, Jacque and Michael

This dress was a special request for Alexandra, who married Jeff, Jacque and Michaels son. Jeff was in France, for a 2 year missions trip, to teach about Christ. Jeff enjoyed the work and opportunity he had in helping other people, yet was also blessed with meeting his wife there. Both Alexandra and Jeff reside in Tucson, Arizona. 
This dress is made of satin with a beaded and appliqué bodice. Her veil is made using a crown with cascading Casa netting.

A special gift for a special granddaughter on her wedding day.
~~ July 13, 2002 ~~


A bride and groom set was made as a special wedding day gift, from the brides grandmother, Susan. A black tux jacket was made, to replace the white one, once details of the grooms wardrobe was made available to Susan.

Bridesmaid dress replica.
~~ July 13, 2002 ~~

As Susan's granddaughter marries, another granddaughter  participates in the wedding party as a bridesmaid, and receives her replica  as her birthday present.


A Special Gift for Christina, on her wedding day
~~June 15th, 2002 ~~
from her mother'n law, Denise.

"I just want to thank you for all the extra time and attention you devoted to the project and to let you know it was worthwhile. My daughter in law was thrilled!"

~~ Lisa Renee and Sean Keith ~~
Married September 29th, 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland.

This dress replica, was made as a special birthday gift, given to Lisa by her mother'n law Loretta.

"I just wanted to say that the replica of my wedding gown is absolutely beautiful. What a unique idea for a gift. My wedding day was such a happy day for me and Sean; so having such a great reminder means a lot."  ~Lisa

To remember a special day: Michelle & David
~ West Orange, NJ ~ August 24, 2001 ~

This dress was made special for Michelle, as a lovely reminder of the vows that David and her made on August 24, 2001, in West Orange NJ.
About the Dress: The dress is made of white satin and white organza, with white satin rosettes. The bodice is a corset top, princess cut waist, with a small v cut-out over the bosom. The skirt is a ball gown skirt, with a gathered drape. Each gather is held by a rosette. The original dress had 5 layers of crinoline. For the replica I used one layer of tulle, to bring out the fullness.

~ Dana and Phil ~
~~ February 4th, 2001 ~~

This wedding dress replica, was made for Dana, as a special wedding gift from her grandparents for her wedding.  This dress is made of silk and trimmed with over 980 clear beads along the edges of the hems and bodice.  The wrap is made the same silk as her dress.  Dana's mother will add a matching replica veil, and fix the dolls hair, to resemble the way Dana plans to wear her hair on her special day.

To Shannon ~ Made in honor of your wedding of September 23, 2000 ~
With much love, your brother Jim

This wedding dress replica, was made for Jim's sister, as a Christmas present for her first Christmas together with her husband.  As requested, this dress was presented on a lovely wood doll form.  This dress replica was made of satin, with miniature pieces of appliqué applied to the dress to resemble Shannon's dress.  The veil is made of Casa netting, giving it the shimmer, and trimmed in ribbon with a bridal crown of ribbon trim with beads.

2000 - To Rachel, with fond memories, and many blessings from above. 

With much love, Mom and Dad

This dress was made special for Rachel, as a wedding anniversary gift, to provide a special keepsake of her wedding day.
This dress is made of satin and trimmed with lace and appliqué, with sheer chiffon at the shoulders and lace at the neckline.
This dress was presented to Rachel on a lovely wood form.

1991 - To Heather, with fond memories, and many blessings from above. 

With much love, Mom and Dad

This dress was designed for Heather as a special anniversary gift. Heather had rented her dress, and as one can imagine, gave this replica special meaning to her.
This dress was made of a soft satin, with appliqués and lace and many individual beads.

1991 Replica


To Rebecca, " you seal your love together for eternity..." 

love, Mom and Dad

Rebecca and her husband, who reside in Salt Lake, Utah, were married on May 18, 1999. This dress is a replica of the one Rebecca wore on her wedding day, to be worn again on their One year anniversary where they resealed their marriage.
The dress was made to fit a special Disney doll that Rebecca had selected. It is made of satin, with a lovely lace bodice and a Casa netting overskirt. Her veil is made with the same Casa netting and placed on her head in a crown of bridal flowers.

"Brad & Janie ~ Eternity ~ May 10, 1991"

Janie, from Farmington, Utah, had her wedding dress made in replica as a memento piece, as she celebrates her anniversary. The dress is not an exact replica. Janie wanted it simpler with an embroidered appliqué that said: Brad & Janie ~~ Eternity ~~ May 10, 1991

2000 - Made Especially for Tamara

This was my first wedding dress replica, created for a gentleman that was to present it as a gift to a friend who accidentally tossed her wedding dress from her first wedding.  He knew that the dress was special to her, so he retrieved photos and provided me pictures, requesting that the replica be as close to the original as possible.  In order to complete this dress, different trims were used to present a finished replica closely resembling the original dress.  The wooden dress form was a one-of-a-kind item that my husband created specifically for this project.


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