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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


Previous Member of ASDP




Bringing your imagination and my sewing skills together

  • ECO-Re-Fashioned Services (see below)

  • A bird cage cover (will need exact measurements of cage)

  • Momentum from grandparents favorite garment or hankie

  • Need a special costume?

  • Have a pattern w/fabric & notions - need a seamstress?

Your request will require that you provide all materials, notions, S&H., etc.  Please check out my Special Inquiry Form to submit your request.

ECO-Re-Fashioned Services can include:

  • Taking your clothing and restyling it to a new fashion

  • Taking doll clothing - mending, adding trim, etc...

  • Repair/change linens...

  • Take your tired table covers, denim/corduroy jumpers, etc. and make into simple shopping totes

  • Add trim to a pre-made item

  • Taking your first child's clothing and having it mending or changed

  • Take your collection of your child's clothing and have created into a memory blanket/quilt.

  • Repair your purse/tote and add embellishments of your choosing

  • Re-style or re-size an item/outfit

  • Change long sleeves to short sleeves, take cuffs off your shirt and make mid-length sleeves.

  • Take straight leg jeans and add fabric inserts providing a Retro look

  • Repair vs. replace items that still have a lot of fabric wear in them,

  • Mending items other than clothing

  • .....Your imagination can be provide the idea, the materials, etc...I will create it for you.

Sure, having me re-fashion, or repair your items will cost you, but clients are finding that their quality clothing and fabric items are "worth" the investment of keeping them functioning, vs. purchasing new.  Check out my Mending/Alteration Price List to give you a basic idea of what it might cost to have this service provided to you.


Christmas 2010


Created very large, soft, bright colored prop pillows for our photography daughter who specializes in family, children, High School portraits.  It was decided to use primary colors which all children look fabulous against.

If you are in the Concord NH area, and need a photographer, feel free to check out her work at



From Jumper to Tote - June 2009

A favorite jumper is now transformed into a lovely tote for groceries, library books, etc.

Client requested that I maintain the side pockets for use on the tote.  These pockets already had velcro for closure.  The lining was a complimenting cotton fabric.  The straps were made from the same type of Khaki, but were created from a pair of pants that the client outgrew.

If  interested in having something up-cycled or re-fashioned, please fill out the Custom Order Form found on our custom order page.


Winnie-the-Pooh Costume

For our daughter Holly - College Freshman.

Our daughter didn't want the typical Halloween, evil type costume, but rather something sweet for the young children to enjoy.  The college where our daughter attends, provides a community service to the local children, by providing them a haunted walk.  The younger children will feel safe beside Winnie-the-Pooh.

Holly had a great time, and the children just loved seeing "Winnie-the-Pooh" when they arrived at the edge of the forest.

If interested in having a costume made, please fill out the Custom Order Form found on our custom order page.


Repair of Backpack near Zipper

Before Repair

Before Repair

After Repair

Backpacks don't necessarily last forever.  Sometimes repairing the item will allow a more economical approach to one's needs.

This backpack was tearing away at the zipper, fraying the fabric, making it non-functional.  By repairing the frayed area, and re-stitching back on the zipper, this backpack returns to one's functional needs.

NOTE:  It is not always the most economical approach to repair if you can acquire your backpack on sale.




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