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Below are current pictures of totes made

Totes that hold up over time can be made from recycled materials such as denim jumpers, denim and corduroy fabric.  Line with a sturdy cotton and you have a fashionable tote.  You can also make totes from duck, denim & heavy home decor or outdoor fabrics, which won't need the lining - great for groceries, library trips & school supplies.

You are welcome to supply materials.  For the corduroy totes, you will need to provide a 1 1/2 yards for the outside as well as the inside.  When needed, interfacing can be provided at an additional cost.  Tote costs start at $80 and go up from there.  Can't afford to have them made for you?  Consider taking a class on tote making.


From Jumper... tote books to the library

Maintaining the embroidered pockets tote notebook & books to class

Used matching Khaki Jeans for straps help bring groceries home

Pooh Tote for college & groceries Outside pockets constrast fabric w/pocket inside Tote laying on it's side
Corduroy Camo outside, denim inside Tote laying on it's side Tote filled & ready to go Showing detail stitching






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