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Pattern Sewing for You

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I do a variety of sewing from patterns that are easily available for purchase from a variety of pattern sources, from craft/home decor. items to clothing/costumes and more.  To keep your expense down, I require that you provide pattern and all necessary materials/notions.  This will save you the expense of my shopping for you.  For local customers, I will be happy to go with you to select materials if you desire, but keep in mind that there is a cost to this service to cover my time.

This service is provided for local clients as well as national clients (depends on pattern for national clients).

 Process to get your project completed:

1.  Email the link your pattern is displayed on, or a .jpg photo of what you have already purchased, type of material you would like it made with, your particular completion date, etc. to see if it is something that I will take on.  I will decline work I do not feel comfortable with, or know I won't be able to meet a particular deadline.  You can use the information from my "Special Order Inquiry" form, which you can copy and email to me for this determination.

2.  I will respond with an email with an estimate of what it will cost for labor.

3.  If this is acceptable, you will be required to provide a 50% estimated upfront deposit, along with all materials, pattern and notions.  

4.  Please make sure that all your material is pre-washed prior to shipping.  This will prevent shrinkage.  If you want me to do the pre-washing, you will be charged $25- $50 extra for the service.

When pre-washing make sure you wash your fabric the same way you plan on caring for your finished item.  You can either line dry or use your dryer.  Do not dry to extreme heat as it will cause wrinkling as well as hurt the fabric fibers.  Please fold your fabric the same way you received your fabric.

5.  Make sure you provide accurate measurements.  For clothing, please know that the typical size you wear from the retail racks, will not necessarily be the size pattern you will need.  This can be a difference of 1 to 2 sizes larger than what you normally purchase off the rack.  Feel free to ask any questions when you send your request. 

6.  Local clients:  We can do some custom fitting, which is an added cost, but will give you the final look you desire with accuracy of your hem line, tailored waist lines, etc.

7.  I can email pictures of your finished item prior to shipment if you choose.  Payment in full of your balance is required prior to my shipping your order.  Local clients will be required to pay their balance with pick-up.

8.  Local clients that desire delivery of their order, will be charged a delivery fee (time plus mileage).


Additional charges are added when a customer makes changes to the original request, or if the client loses/gains weight after the fittings.

Please provide plenty of time for completion of your project. 

Rush orders have up to a 50% added cost.



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