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Pictures/Examples of Previous Work


Previous Member of ASDP




November 2006 - "Annabelle" Replacement

Emma allowed her dad to send "Annabelle" to me, in hopes of having her mended, for continued snuggling and care.  Emma's dad felt it was time for "Annabelle" to retire and to come in contact with her "granddaughter" that I was commissioned to create for a Christmas gift for his daughter Emma.

Close-up of face

As you can see, Annabelle needed some much needed rest.

While Annabelle visited, Emma missed her terribly.  The goal for this project was to have "Annabelle" return home in time for Thanksgiving, with a note explaining that she could no longer be mended.  But the plans were changed to have her arrive home at Christmas, when Emma received Annabelle's granddaughter as her special gift.

Jonathan, it has been a pleasure working with you.  ~ Laura

October 2006

Valerie's Cherished Childhood Doll Redressed

Before pictures of Amy Lynn

Amy Lynn is a sock pattern doll, made from a 1980 Homespun Creations kit.  Amy Lynn was made for Valerie's daughter, Tracey Lynn, by her granny as a special gift.  Granny and Tracey were very close.  When Tracey's granny developed the dreaded Alzheimer's,  Tracey, then 26 years old and single, moved out of her apartment and moved in with her for two years to assist her.  With the passing of her granny in 1999, who made this special Amy Lynn doll, it has become sentimental and a very special part of Tracey Lynn's memories.

Unfortunately, as many children might experience, the dress was misplaced.  Amy Lynn arrived still in quality condition, wearing her original bonnet and bloomers.

The goal for this project was to try and find similar fabric and lace, to replicate the original dress and half apron.  To replace older fabric is difficult, but in my search, Valerie was pleased with the fabric that I was able to find that closely resembled the original material.  

Amy Lynn continues to wear her original bloomers, but now fashions a new dress, apron and bonnet.  I used vintage lace to closely resemble the lace that is on the bloomers, and used rick rack, which was what was used for the original outfit, to replicate the original look. 

After Photo's of Amy Lynn in her new dress, bonnet and apron

Thank you Valerie for the privilege of remaking this outfit for you and your daughter.  May she sit comfortably where she can enjoy the warmth of Tracey's home with fond memories of times past.

October 2006 - Custom Order for Charlsa

Long Peach Floral Dress to fit Charlsa's special 20" porcelain doll, Louisa, made by Robert Tonner

Charlsa provided the peach floral fabric for this custom dress request.  With her request, she provided the details that she was looking for, while I drafted her a picture for her approval, prior to drafting a pattern for her doll needs.  The extra notions that needed to be provided were snaps for back closures, lace for collar and thread.
An elegant, yet simple and feminine long length dress.  Fitted lower sleeves.  Snap closure in back.  Lovely lace trim for her collar.  Bodice is lined in the same peach cotton floral fabric.

SEPT 2006 - Bulk Order - Polo Shirts for AMT Promotional Company in Boston, MA

The Polo Shirts are to be used for a promotion, and will have the Logo added, after they arrive in the office.  With this special request, each shirt was requested to have a hang loop on the back in order to hang them.  

Thank you Matt for requesting this order.  It was a pleasure working with you.  ~ Laura


Replica of Hilary Swank... July 2006 her boxing attire, from the "Million Dollar Baby" Movie

Gail initially had no intention to enter this years Barbie Convention contest, yet last minute when she acquired Barbie sized boxing gloves, the thought went racing through her mind of entering a replica of Hilary Swank from the movie "Million Dollar Baby".  Wish we had the time to provide the cape to provide the completed look.  

Nov 2005 - Jody's old doll dress replicated

Before Pictures

After Pictures

Jody is a local customer who came to me desiring to have her old doll dress replaced.  In her going through family heirlooms, she found that this dress was ruined from being in storage and had mold that could not be removed.  In replacing the old dress, Jody provided the old dress that I used as a pattern, and used all the original trim, as that was not damaged from being stored over the years.

2004 - Barb - Prom Replica

Since Barb was having other things done, she requested that I take her prom dress, and scale it down to a Barbie dress for her to display in her home.



Middleton Dolls as Cherokee Children

Two Middleton Dolls were transformed to replica Cherokee children, based on the picture provided on a postcard.  The dolls now reside in Beverly's home in Tennessee 

Postcard Notes: 

Children dressed in traditional Cherokee  ribbon style from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.   Photo by Marcelina Reed Long

A Nurse's Graduation Gift


Replica (replacement) outfit for Maria

A Marie Osmond Doll creation

Maria had sentimental meaning to Tina, since both Maria and Tina are Spanish, and needed a replacement dress. Tina provided the materials for me to work with, selecting quality materials to work with, resulting in a beautiful replica of Maria's original dress. 



Dawn Dolls

get some new dresses!

Lisa, in IN, will receive these lovely gowns with beads, new and antique trim, giving her Dawn dolls an old fashion charm.
"Dawn" is a 6" collectible doll, the size of a miniature female doll house doll. She was popular in the 70's and has recently re-entered the doll scene as a 30th anniversary doll.


"Sitting Bear"

Meet Sitting Bear, another of Morena Day's fine doll creations, fitted with pants and shirt.  (Morena added the jewelry, t-shirt and hat.)

Meet "Squeeze Box Willie"

Squeeze Box Willie, playing comfortably at home, with his accordion.

Laura of Davina Dawn created the shirt, bow tie, suspenders as well as the wool pants.  

"Squeeze Box Willie" was dressed and designed to play his accordion when returning home to California. Willie, himself, was handcrafted by Morena Day.  

Morena, you do lovely work.


Meet "Sister Luke" Doll 

personally handcrafted by Morena Day.


24" - 1950's - Lady Fashion Doll

. . . by Deluxe Reading Corp, receives a similar replica dress of days gone by.
The original dress was made of a blue taffeta, yet with the inability to find the same taffeta material, we choose to make the dress out of a lovely crepe material, giving this dress a nice flow. The hat is made of cotton, and trimmed with floral pieces. This lady fashion doll resides with Susan in CO.


Rick put together a range of 9" action figures, representing the Dr. Who characters. 


Here is Nyssa's outfit

Big Jim 

9" action figure

Replica outfit of

Burt Reynolds 

as Big Jim

A replica outfit of Burt Reynolds, wearing a football uniform. Kip has re-sculpted a head to look like Burt, adding the Big Jim helmet, shoulder pads, and football, to complete the project.

13" Shirley Temple Dress with Sailor Cap "Shirley Temple 11"

What a delight to make a little sailor outfit.  The sailor cap was a custom made cap, with satin lining and brim.  The dress was made of cotton, with added red ribbon trim.  Panties are made of a white cotton that matches the outside white cotton of the hat.

For Anna's childhood doll ~~ Gillette, WY