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Custom Sewing Services:  

  • Custom doll clothing: 

  • Custom Clothing: 

  • Special Requests:  

  • Infant Blankets & outfits

  • Sewing Consultations

  • Wardrobe Consultations

  • Individual Sewing Lessons

Alterations - Bridal - Check out the Bridal Alteration Page

Re-fashion your clothes - Don't toss your clothing out if you are able to change it's style a little or make it into something useable.  This includes re-fashioning your mother's bridal dress into your own more modern dress, creating a memory lap quilt for a home bound loved one, a Christening dress from your bridal dress or even your 1st Communion Dress, and so much more.

Alterations/Mending - General - Check out the Alteration/Mending page.  Military alterations and patch applications are also provided.

Mending:  This is dependent upon quantity.  Will need to evaluate what needs to be done in order to give you a rate.  Some items might be listed on the general alteration listing.

Home Decoration:  Check out the Home Decor Rate page

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