Starting in 2021 my goal is to be CREATIVELY FOCUSED: 
What does this mean? My focus going forward will return to my roots of sewing with pleasure and joy, creating from inspiration. In doing so, I will be creating more with materials on hand along with repurposing.

I will occasionally create products to sell, that will be available to the general public, yet I will not become a mass producer unless I enjoy making the product. I will showcase them here on my site and social media, with the possibility of selling in other venues which is to be determined.
You will be able to see available items on my FOR SALE pages.

In addition, I am returning to custom work of specialty items, such as miniature dress replica’s and heirloom sewing from family special garments/bridal gowns, etc. This will include Christening gowns, quilts, pillows, miniature replica’s, dolls clothing, various home and outdoor items, etc.) along with other requested specialty items.
I will also work on the repair of vintage and family quilts.

In sharing that, I will not compete with those who choose to create and sell for the cost of their resources. I will not compete with Walmart or other similar venues. What will be available, will be made with quality materials, attention to detail, while creating a product that I myself would be proud to own and/or gift to others I love and respect. 

ADDED – CONSULTS: Over the years, yet more so over this past 2020 year, it has become ever so popular for “customers” and new seamstresses to request help then later decide to do the work themselves. As a result of lost time and revenue, it is important for me to be paid for my time. In saying that, consults will be in 30 min increments at $65 each. These consults will be conducted online via Zoom or over the phone, possibly email, with fees being paid upfront via direct bank payment such as Zelle.
Please be sure to send/email pictures along with your specifications. If it deems a consult, I will reach out to you with options to discuss your needs.
Currently, no in-person consults will be provided.

NOTHING NEW: Some of my long-time clients have reached out, after I made the announcement of some upcoming changes, wanting to know if I would still be able to take care of their mending and alteration needs of their clothing and home goods. ABSOLUTELY!! Sadly, I will not be able to do any fittings at this time due to personal reasons, along with the painful back issues I have been working towards improving. Of course, it never hurts to ask, yet please know that I might need to decline your work.

MILITARY: I will continue to provide the sewing services of applying patches for our service men and women, along with various mending.
Be sure to check out my basic price list for Military needs page.

GOAL: To FOCUS on being true to myself and to LOVE what I create. I will creatively express myself while “Putting Thread to Fabric” in my quest in utilizing various textures, experiencing and venturing into new art mediums, as well as making time for my writing and my story time reading for children, which both got put on hold during 2020, the year of reflection and healing.

WHERE AM I GOING?: I am on a journey to enjoy the art and skill that I have developed over the years, bringing joy to myself, my family, and others who are looking to have something created with skill, attention and prayer stitched into the details.

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Seamstress, Textile Artist, Writer, and Story Reader

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