Over the last three weeks, with the cold temps, I have been working on this particular afghan using variegated the Lion brand Mandala, color Sirens. A lightweight (#3) soft acrylic, with a nice lightweight hand. Comfortable to work with a lovely weight that would entice me to work with in the warm summer months. Total size 65″ square, taking 3 weeks with an average of 6 hrs per day.

Variegated yarn provides no promise of the outcome, yet in selecting this yarn, I loved how the darks and brights complimented each other.

Working the C2C (corner to corner) stitch provides a lovely look, yet because as you go from one corner to the next, you cannot be sure whether the colors will line up exact, which was not something I really cared about. I did discover though, that some skeins had different lengths of colors throughout each skein, and where 8 should have been sufficient, I ended up needed 8 1/2 skeins to complete the afghan, even though I turned before the completion of the 4th skein. In the end, I chose to use a different yarn, from Hobby Lobby called “I love this yarn”. Another soft, 100% acrylic yarn, giving the final pop of color around the edges.

The final afghan is now folded and ready for storage until needed or gift giving to a family member or loved one. 

I do have a heavy-weight afghan in the making, yet put it on hold so I could get this one done (bright colors are cheery) along with the other one I made my daughter who recently gave birth to our 2nd grandson, yet it is now brought out again to work on during the chilly evenings.

In addition, I will soon be working on a Hummingbird quilt, where the materials are prepped and ready to work with. But first, a special mask request from my brother.

I hope everyone is staying warm, remaining safe and enjoying the weather. Personally, I love winter, but the temps here in NH have been a bit on the chilly side where staying in and creating is a bonus, while making me think that moving to a warmer climate might be a consideration.

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