BELOW: Hope’s mom called, remembering my services when her older daughter went to prom, and requested that I work with her again to hem her daughter Hope’s Prom Gown. All that was needed was a hem on the lining layer as well as the chiffon overlay with a swag front that went across providing her with a flattering style. As requested, the length needed to be long enough to make the shoes peek through, while the lining layer slightly higher.

BELOW: Samantha arrived with this gorgeous red gown, that needed to be taken in at the sides, as well as hem work, that had 4 layers of satin and 2 layers of tulle that needed to be shorten for her.

BELOW: Jennifer arrived needing alterations to a few areas. The shoulder straps needed shortening, the zipper was pulling away from the dress (often a result of being stressed from others trying on before the gown is sold), and a 4 1/2″ hem adjustment.

BELOW: Sydne’s 2012 Prom – Bodice and waist adjustments were needed in order to keep the dress in place. Sydne looks amazing in this gown, and as I asked her to model a little for me to get pictures, that is when she shared that her future plans were to be an actual model. She certainly can model well to show off the beauty of a dress.

May 2012 – Rebecca G – ready for the prom. Rebecca needed her dress hemmed (just the outer layer) and the sides taken in. Due to the style of the dress having a small train, Rebecca needed a train to keep the dress off the floor while dancing.

BELOW: June 2011 – Bedford Prom – Vivian, a delightful girl, received her gorgeous Jovani dress just a few days prior to the Prom. This dress is made with a soft satin, for an hourglass shape, w/a rhinestone effects. Due to scheduling, alterations needed to be done overnight without a final fitting. Dress was hemmed by taking off 6 inches in the front then tapering towards the back, removing the polyester horsehair braid tape that was proving to have a mind of it’s own, and providing a 3 point bustle that had 6 pick-ups. Six pick-ups were needed due to the weight of the rhinestones.

BELOW: 2011 – Emma C – Emma needed to have a fit that would hug her body modestly. Bra cups were added, along with taking in the sides and altering the back corset. With these alterations, the gown provided her a flattering and romantic fit. In addition, the various layers to this dress, needed to be hemmed to a length most suited for dancing and the shoes she would wear.

BELOW: 2011 – Ashley H. needed bodice adjustments, requiring that I take the sides in with all the blue sequins. It was decided that she would not have the hem altered as the shoes she selected would work well for the length of the dress.

BELOW: 2011 – Jennifer B – all that was needed was for the sides to be taken in. As per her mom’s request, no photo showing her face was taken.

BELOW: Morgan M – 2011 Merrimack Valley High – This dress was altered to fit at the zipper, and was a family heirloom dress, from Morgan’s mom’s High School Prom. The only alteration needed was the zipper needing to be taken out. Fortunately the seam allowance at the zipper was “just enough” to save the dress. Due to the simplicity of the alteration, Morgan saved financial resources that is common for many of the typical prom gowns brought in for alterations.for many of the other alteration needs that are typical for a prom gown. This dress brought back memories of when I was in High School.

BELOW: 2011 Kendal – Merrimack Valley High Prom – Kendall needed some rush work done as her dress that arrived late to her with a broken zipper.
Concerned she asked around and found that I could probably take care of her so that the next evening she could enjoy her prom.
Nothing better than seeing a smile when the worry is eliminated with a zipper working in fine fashion!

BELOW: 2011 – Devyn arrived needing her bodice to fit more modestly. The sides were taken in and the straps were adjusted to fit her shoulders (shortened the length), providing her a very modest look that she desired.

BELOW: 2011 Sarah R – Sarah needed her straps adjusted as they were loose on her shoulders, which were done by tightening them up in the back, creating a lovely fit. In addition, Sarah needed her dress hemmed.

BELOW: 2011 Prom – Anna S – Anna came to me with the bodice quite a bit large for her, but from the hips down, it fit her quite well. This is a common alteration need with some manufacturers of gowns. Due to this adjustment, I had take in the sides, as that was the best place to alter it, in order to give her waistline a tuck as well. In addition, it was decided to add in some bra cups. There was quite a bit of fabric that was being adjusted on the sides, but despite the challenge, I was able to blend the sides into the cup area of the bodice, giving the sides a “princess bodice” look.

BELOW: 2011 Brianna returned with a thrift store find, as well as sharing her last year gown with her friend Siobhan, saving them both valuable resources for alterations. Fortunately there was not a lot that needed to be done, allowing them to save quite a bit comparatively to most alterations.

These girls were a hoot to work with. Very appreciative in my skills in making their gowns fit them the way they desired.

BELOW: 2010 Brianna’s Prom Dress Alteration – to help the gown fit better in the bodice area, the beaded back had to be adjusted to keep straps in place while giving her the custom fit she desired.

2009 – Maeve’s dress…hemmed the lining as well as chiffon dress. Have a great time at the prom Maeve

2009 – Amy ready for her Prom

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