Amanda came to me with her future Mother’n Law’s wedding gown from 30 yrs ago. The size was too small for Amanda to wear along with some tears needing repair and some appliqué’s needing to be reapplied. In order to transform the gown, removal of netting, trim & zipper was done. Then we applied appliques from the sleeves throughout the front of the dress as well as cover up tears on the veil. In additional, a corset was created from new materials to allow Amanda to wear the gown.

BEFORE Pictures of the Vintage Gown

BELOW: After all the lace, netting and trim removed to bring us to the core dress. Added back in appliqués evenly on the front of the dress to cover and mend some holes that were in the netting, bra cups were added along with a corset to better fit her figure. By the time this gown was completed, Amanda was extremely pleased and excited about her upcoming wedding.