Absolutely LOVED this blouse that I picked up at a thrift store, but I was not thrilled with the side tie. Just not my style. Took in the side where it was split open, and fixed the black hem, by removing the long length and blending it into the blouse hem. Very pleased with the final outcome


LONG Jersey Blouse Shorten – While the jersey blouse was cute, it was not what my daughter was hoping for when she ordered it as a blouse. It was extremely too long for her liking (more dress length) and requested I shorten it for her. Once done, this blouse was perfect for warm days at school or for summer outings.


Darci found this amazing dress at Macy’s for an upcoming Wine Tasting Dinner. To make the dress fit her figure, I took it in on the sides of the dress as well as the lining. Wow!! What a difference a small alteration can make!!


Marianne needed some major work done in order to be ready for her swearing in, then later her Marine Patrol graduation. Somehow, manufacturing turn a size small shirt into a dress. The blouse arrived with sleeves past her elbow, shoulders 1 inch over, hem 8″ too long, and the sides and sleeves had to be taken in 3-3 1/2″ on both sides.
When she arrived, she was overjoyed in seeing that her blouse was fitting and more appropriate for graduation and to the specifications in which she requested. When she wears this blouse for work, she will be wearing a full vest underneath, where the room left in the blouse will compensate for that, making for a fit look. Do to privacy preference, you are unable to see her smile, but it is there. She was so please she said “You did everything I asked you to do”. This of course is my job, but promises are always hard to make when you are downsizing a garment by, what I think was 3-4 sizes.

Long denim skirt that went to the ankle, shorten to above the knee

BELOW: Rachel needed to have her dress taken in on the sides. And although not a typical Daughter-of-the-bride type dress, being made of cotton, it was a beautiful match to the down-to-earth, outdoor wedding that her mom Diane (whom I also altered her gown as well) planned. Such a joy meeting this family.

BELOW: On these three suits, all of them needed both the sleeves and slack hems altered to bring them to the requested length.

BELOW: Denim rip repair

Occasionally I get what I call “Basket Lots” where the client has gone through their closet and has decided to repair favorite pieces instead of tossing and buying new.

The net result is that the garments are mended with buttons, trims, seam repairs, etc., and others fitted to their figure shape and height, allowing the client an opportunity to wear clothing that they loved but wouldn’t wear anymore because they didn’t like how they fit..

Stephanie was a sheer delight to work with and the items she brought were great fun to work with.

BELOW: This first blouse kept opening on Stephanie, so where the v-neck met, I tacked in place so that she could move about more freely.

BELOW: A lovely classic black dress, where like the blouse above, the V-crossover kept opening, so I tacked that down for her.

BELOW: Stephanie loved these Harley Overalls, but felt it was time to remove the bib portion, making them less youthful.
I love when a client has an idea that I can make work for them.

Repair of tear in crotch of jeans


Angela needed a jacket relined, and due to her needing her phone close at hand, she desired to have pockets put into the lining of both of her jackets, including the one that was relined.

Take in jeans in the back, removing waist band and belt loop, then restitching in place once the fit was right.

The pants were too loose on the sides, so they were taken in for a better fit.


A young teen desiring a funky look from the 70’s. When I told my daughter that I wore my jeans like this in my youth, she actually thought it was cool. Personally, I still think they are cool.


BELOW: Jenni had been looking for a skirt like this for a long time. When we did finally find it, we purchased the smallest size they had, but it was still too large for her. So with a little bit of adjustment on the side seams and waistband, I was able to get it to where she could comfortably wear it.
Since this style was so difficult to find, I shared with her I could make her custom ones when she wants, in varying fabrics, by using this as a sample.


Susan was attending a wedding and found a great dress at Dress Barn, but needed to have it shortened and a few stitches secured on the bodice top.