This dance dress arrived with a tear in the overlay polka-dot netting. Samantha and her mom were not sure I could do anything, but they were hopeful. The best that I could do was to stitch the netting together, almost creating a scar-like look, yet when it was completed, the repair was barely visible. Needless to say, Samantha was overjoyed that she could enjoy wearing this dress again.


A well loved jacket that could not be replaced, needed to have it collar replaced. Yet, since that was not an option, I offered to reverse the collar if it was not too worn through. The inside neckline, below where the collar is attached was not touched, but the collar itself was reversed, giving this jacket a better life. In addition, the hang loop was repaired as well.


This pair of jeans, in otherwise good condition (meaning the denim was in great condition) had issues with the pocket coming apart, the button hole fraying and some back pocket fraying. There was a combination of hand weaving and mending needed prior to incorporating the denim thread stitching in place.


BELOW: A pair of jeans that were brought to me, in hopes that I could repair a small, pinky finger sized hole, before it got larger. It can slightly be seen (ctr of pic). Although this client is apparently tough on their jeans, they are hoping it will prevent a larger hole from forming too quickly.

NOTE: If I am unable to darn holes, I can certainly provide a “fix” from the inside. The larger holes, depending how much fabric has been frayed/washed away, might need creative patching


BELOW: Fur coat that the sleeve had come away from the sleeve. I had to slightly shorten the sleeve as the sewn area where the leather was, needed a little TLC before I could finish the repair. A gorgeous fur jacket needing repair so that it could be worn. Thank you Rex for having the confidence in me to repair this for your wife!

Client was frustrated in that his jeans were fine, other than this hole in his pant pocket. He kept losing change and his keys, which I shared with him that keys can do that to the pockets due to movement that wears the fabric out.

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