People love to get away, go on a cruise, go to an island, and are sometimes able to enjoy a destination wedding. This page is dedicated for those type adventures.


BELOW: Brynn, a repeat client, was preparing for a destination wedding, that she was a bridesmaid in, for her friends wedding. She brought three dresses that she would enjoy wearing for her time away.

Brynn had this dress for some time, but just couldn’t bring herself to wear it with the long length & different strap. I changed the strap slightly for her so that she could tie it in the back for her own comfort, and shortened the dress to a more fun look! Absolutely darling on her!

I am not sure why they make one-size-fits-all garments, because I have yet to seen a style that works on all sizes. Here I needed to adjust her dress so that the one-size-fits-all fit better for her shape, while not falling off.

Brynn in her Bridesmaid dress. This dress, as so many of today’s styles have it, opened in the front where the bodice pieces crossed. By securing the front down, Brynn can comfortably wear this gorgeous bridesmaid dress much more comfortably.


Sharon was a delight to work with. She needed a few items altered to provide a better & more flattering fit, in preparation for her cruise. Although I had two days to have this done, I did this overnight so that if she needed any other adjustments, we had time. No additional alterations were needed 🙂

Sharon’s blue knit dress needed a 3″ hem. Her husband desired that the hem be brought up to be more flattering on her. He was right!!
Her black dress needed the sides of the dress to be taken in under the arms and darts had to be moved to be placed correctly for her figure.

BELOW: Melissa didn’t need a lot of work done to her dress.  I took in sides to at the bodice to take away the opening that was present.  Then I tacked the front of her bodice to prevent it from gapping open while out and enjoying herself with others.

BELOW: Feb 2011 – Teri G. – Teri arrived with two long silk gowns to wear on her upcoming cruise, that needed some adjustments. Unfortunately there are no pictures of her wearing the gown, due to her schedule, not allowing her to take enough time do to the final fittings.

Dress 1 – Needed to be taken in on the shoulders and sides.

Dress 2 – the hem needed to be raised in the front, but due to the lace and the fact that the dress could not be shortened at the waist. She decided to have me remove the lace, giving her an inverted V-shape, allowing her to walk more comfortably without tripping.