June 2010 – Along with her wedding, and her mother’s “mother-of-the-bride” gowns being altered, Nancy requested that I make some adjustments to her honeymoon attire.


BELOW: This lovely off-white outfit, was the perfect outfit to wear when departing for her honeymoon and romantic meals out. The skirt portion needed the hem shorten while also adjusting the kick pleat as a result of the shorter length. The jacket fit her perfectly, but certainly pulls the outfit together.

BELOW: Such a fun dress. All that Nancy needed to have done on this dress was to shorten the inner lining and chiffon overlay to a more youthful length.

BELOW: This lovely cotton top arrived where the elastic was stretched out, so new elastic was put in and made 3″ shorter so that Nancy could comfortably wear it.

BELOW: This lovely lined, purple chiffon, overlay gown needed some hem work to make walking on the beach enjoyable without tripping.

BELOW: Another chiffon overlay gown that needed some hem work. With the style of the dress, where the layer were pulled up a little, the hem was worked to accommodate it so that it would hang nicely on Nancy.