Traci’s cap, that she needed for work, did not have a place for her ponytail. Traci is a repeat client, who asked if I would consider trying to insert the opening for her so that she could wear this cap comfortably while working.
She was overjoyed with the results!


Ella’s mom contacted me about her daughter’s well loved blanket, that kept losing the tactile taggies. Her mom did a great job hand-stitching these in place, yet over time another one would escape and become loose. To prevent this from happening, I opened the seams, removed the stitching that was holding them in place, and restitched them to the fabric, Once secured, I placed the two fabric pieces (front and back) together and provided three secure stitches in this area, in an effort to keep the tags from working themselves loose. Those who have used my services know that I cannot return an item when there is more to be done and seen after an item is dropped off. This blankie has been extremely well loved! It was obvious when Sarah brough the blanket over, that there was a a tear that if not repaired would only get worse. So, I did some magic stitching and weaving and brought the fabric back together. Due to the type of tear, I did provide a cross-stiched repair on the machine after I repaired the tear by hand. Then I found another tear starting, followed by a hole on the back of the blanket which I weaved together. There is no guarantee how much love a blankie can take, but little Ella is one to put it to the test. Before returning, I provided a secure stitch all around the edge of the blanket, 1/4″ away from the edge. Sleep well little Ella

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