Although I have cut back in some areas of sewing, the reviews, messages and cards that I receive from clients, makes me feel appreciated for the gift of sewing that God has blessed me with. For me, it is a sign that I am serving where I need to serve. Here are some messages I received over the last two days, in response to some masks that were shipped out, and now being worn with delight. 

Of course, no one ever thought that masks would become part of our wardrobe, but it happened. It is temporary, but I truly hope that people continue to show consideration in the future when they are ill, and wear them when necessary.

My desire in making the masks was to be part of the solution, while being sure that they were safe while providing a safe coverage while out and about in public. 100% cotton (NOT stretch cotton!!), pre-washed in Oxy-clean and rinsed in vinegar. All were measured, cut, sewn, elastic and nose bridges carefully cut and put properly in place, etc., were all done with care and with the use of hand sanitizer as well as washing my hands frequently. In addition, each order or gift included “care instructions” to allow the owner to have a longer use of their mask. The service and care I put into these masks, were done with the same expectation I would desire when I need another person’s quality and experienced skills and service. 

It truly made both my days (yesterday and today), when receiving the following messages of appreciation, delightful.

The response I received from Heidi, today after receiving her new mask. The one she received is the daisy on green print:
“I just received my hand-made mask from you and I love it! Made with talent and precision – even has a nose bridge so glasses won’t fog. And it’s pretty with flowers to remind us that spring is coming. Thank you”

Thank you Heidi, it was a pleasure sending this out to you. I know that you will wear it with great joy, knowing the attention and details that went into it for you. Enjoy, and may you stay safe and healthy.

Female – American Flag – 2 available $18.00 each

Yesterday, it was a joy to receive a private message from a friend/client that I sent an American Flag mask to last August. It warms my heart to know that people are still wearing my 100% cotton, washable masks. No chemicals and made with care and attention to details.

“Hi Laura, I went to get my eyes checked yesterday, and 2 people in the office complimented me on the flag mask you sewed. I thought of you both times my mask was complimented. 😀

Thank you so much Leslie, To get this message 6 months later, discovering that you are still wearing it, makes me know that my work continues to be appreciated.

Be safe and be healthy.

By the way, for those who are interested, there are plenty of masks available on the FOR SALE section/page. Check out the mask pages to find one that will work for you.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Reminder: Love, care and kindness are character traits that bring joy to our world. And during this time of uncertainty with the COVID virus, wearing a mask, safe distancing and washing hands can be one avenue in showing you care.


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