I have acquired a few requests for variations in the masks that I create. But two have prompted me to work on a few different designs to cover the neck area, which was the result of one who has a device on his neck due to the effects of larynx cancer; and the other a school teacher who would love something that would be easy to pull up, then when there are no students in the classroom take down while looking a little stylish.

This is my first design. It is similar to that of a bandana (one layer) with an attached 2-layer mask underneath. It has elastic loops that can get tucked under when the scarf/mask is down. It is made with a nose bridge as well.

Being my first of the samples, and in a batik fabric I absolutely love due to its earthly look, it will be one I will wear during the cooler and fall months. It will be great when meeting with clients as well, so when I meet with them, it is easy to pull up.

This design using quite a bit more material that other masks as well as additional labor, those desiring this style, will find it to be sold at a higher cost than other masks. All masks are made with 100% cotton, while customers who desire a custom mask, are welcome to provide the necessary fabric(s).  Be sure your fabric is 100% cotton, most often found via those who sell Batiks as well as quilt cottons.

Excuse the overheated and tired look. This was a day I made various custom masks, and it was extremely hot.

Be safe, be kind, and may your find joy and beauty in your day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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