This year has provided an interesting challenge for brides. Some are fortunate their venues are still open, as long as they have a small enough gathering, some are not so fortunate.

Lindsey arrived earlier in the week, while on school break, returning to finish her work, to return later in July. Since she was not one to fluctuate with her weight, and all that really needed to be done was the hem and bustle, we decided to take care of this now, reducing one item off her to-do list.

5 hems, 3 tulle layers, 1 lining layer and her main dress layer. The main dress had to have the horsehair braid removed before cutting the gown length, then reapplying it. One tulle layer had a wider horsehair braid, which I was able to incorporated nicely into the hem as well.

Since this gown is a full skirt, with tucks (and pockets), the many layers of tulle were essential in providing a beautiful full, yet classy, elegant look for Lindsey.

With the various aspects of today’s COVID situation, the 1 1/2 hr fitting was with both of us wearing our masks, as well as her mom. It was lovely meeting Lindsey, while I hope that by the time her wedding date arrives, that masks will not be necessary.

Such a lovely gown to work on, which she will be adding a lovely silver/beaded belt, giving it a lovely, extra “pop” of elegance.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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