Yesterday I update the web-site to now include a page specific for children’s masks. I posted 102 masks, 5 sold within 12 hours, with plenty left to select from. 

I tried picking some fun fabrics for the kids, with personality, that would allow them to enjoy wearing them. A few samples are shown below. 

With all that has gone on, we are aware that masks will be something we will need in our wardrobe of accessories, even after the pandemic subsides. But for now, the children will be required to have a mask in the event they return to school, for church events and worship, sporting events and for their pediatrician appointments. 

All masks are 2-layers, 100% cotton, with elastic loops. I kept this mask pricing low, at $10 per mask, in order to help families who have multiple children. The adult masks have a different pricing structure, as masks are a time consuming product, although still priced below my normal rate.

For those interested, my process for mask making begins in the purchasing of fabric followed immediately by washing the material, ironing, cutting, placement, elastic cutting or tie cutting/creating, sewing together in various steps, to a final iron, then placement in a clean bag. Although I have always been one to wash my hands frequently, I have incorporated hand sanitizer to my routine, in an effort to keep things safer for the recipient.

I do NOT use scents or essential oils in caring for the fabrics. Everything is washed in Oxyclean and rinsed with vinegar. The washing process takes care of shrinkage as well as remove residual dirt and chemicals from the fabric that occurs in manufacturing and the handling of the materials.

All orders receive a “care card” with their purchase, sharing how they can care for their mask(s).

How to purchase:
1 – email me at
2 – call 603.753.9267 (you might need to leave a msg.)
3 – or connect with me on my Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties Facebook page.
Cash payment for pick-up
Personal Check or Money order for orders to be shipped ($5 for 1st class & $10 for Priority for most packages)

Someone asked: Will you make custom masks? Within reason, I will be most happy to do this for people. Due to timing, more so if I do not have the material on hand, I will request that the person provide the material, and ask that they understand that pricing can vary.

I hope that everyone is doing well, enjoying their summer activities while enjoying the benefits of family time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, with hopes that you are finding a little bit of joy in each day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Custom Seamstress and Textile Artist

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