It has been a crazy few months, with the last few weeks becoming quite busy where I am working 12 hrs per day, as I have not only been sewing masks for donations to various hospitals, but also providing them for clients asking for them for their personal use, some businesses, and some medical personnel. Thank you to the companies who are desiring to protect their employees, where your business requires them to work, due to their essential work status.

Sadly, as of today, I have been informed that many healthcare workers are still required to wear one mask all day with the potential for them to re-use for longer term; some that are in clinical settings are not being given any sort of protection. This has sadden me, since so many masks are being made. So, my donation attempts are now focused on the children who are coming into the hospital and clinic settings, as well as directly to some hospital personnel.

As shared recently on my Facebook page:

I am working 12 hours a day washing materials, cutting, prepping and sewing to meet the requests I am receiving, as well as procuring materials that are in very limited supply. My husband is preparing all our meals, so that I can focus on this great cause.

I realize that some will criticize me for asking for payment from individuals and companies, but I ask that you understand, that one simply cannot just donate to worthy causes in a situation of this magnitude, as I am utilizing my own resources & materials with some donations. I would really like to give to everyone, but that would be unkind to myself, my business, as well as to my health. 

We all need to come together to make a difference in how this pandemic virus plays out. Do your part in your social spacing as well as staying home, and caring for yourself. And please, be sure to tell those that you love and care for, that you love them!!

Thank you for your love and support,

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

If you are looking for masks to purchase, please review the following Price List.



All masks have at least 2 cotton layers

~ Plain or decorative on the front and another plain fabric on the back ~

ALL materials are 100% cotton, pre-washed in Oxy-clean with a vinegar rinse, then dried. While working on these masks, my hands are washed frequently as well as continual use of hand sanitizer.

All orders are shipped in clean, new plastic bags with care instructions.

I will do my best to accommodate color preferences, yet no promises.
Unless otherwise noted, Polypropylene is generally used on all lined masks, as long as I have access to this washable material.

Will consider special requests at an additional costs

Prefer cash (local pick-up) and personal and business checks.

May 5, 20202 UPDATE:

Price list has been moved to the Face Masks For Sale page

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