When I first learned of the need for PPE – Face Masks for healthcare providers, my heart strings were tugged, and I went to work sewing. I have many friends who work in healthcare, where I have also worked beside many, and today, along with healthcare providers who I not only respect but also care deeply for.

Sometimes we forget that our healthcare providers are as human as we are, forgetting that they too have worries, family needs and work stresses. When this virus came along I was emotionally hit hard. Yet, instead of hiding under the covers, I decided I could do something.

To date I have made over 300 masks that have been made for donation, not only for my healthcare providers and friends who work in healthcare, but also various healthcare settings as well as our local police department. The later are used for walk-in patients, visitors, as well as those that our police officers might need to contend with.

At first when I started this heart-led venture, I started being asked if I would sell some. I hesitated, as my purpose was to donate where needed, yet I soon realized that selling them would support my need for resources in order to keep sewing. I have had one sewing machine in for maintenance for $88, and another ready to go in for some TLC as well. Although I do most of my own maintenance, when the timing goes off, it is time to bring the machine(s) in.

In addition to maintenance, I have gone through many spools of thread, many needles, fabric as well as Oxy-clean and vinegar, as every material used in making these masks, go through a hot wash and rinse, through the dryer, then ironed before I begin to cut and plan what masks to make.

I share the above, to remind those who have critiqued my prices, saying I should give them to everyone or sell for much less. I am told it is such a small amount of fabric. As a reminder, my business is to provide a service, and although they seem expensive, the cost incurred is not just material as there is labor time and overhead costs that many don’t necessarily see.

To remain positive, I want to thank all those who have supported me with encouragement, purchases and some donations. Where would we be, if we as a community, as a nation, as family members, if we did not support one another?

I will be making some larger masks for those with slightly larger facial features, for a more appropriate coverage. In the meantime I will complete the pile in front of me, that will be added to the sale page, hopefully by the end of the week.

Be safe, be kind and show love and compassion,

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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