Most recent afghan, that after I shared the skein colors, our middle daughter responded to my Facebook page that her birthday was coming up in March. Although I was looking forward to making this afghan, thinking of her as well, I still hadn’t decided whether I would gifting or selling.

Since she will be delivering our 2nd grandson, this month (Jan 2021), her birthday in March…why not provide this as a cuddly gift for the new mom when our new grandson arrives.

When selecting the yarn I didn’t realize that there was a shade variance. My husband confirmed that the lot # was the same, but by the time I realize (when I added the next skein) it was not worth getting upset. I purchased both purple and blue, and decided to alternate them when I worked with the yarn. Plus, how do you return something that was purchased previously. So, in life there are misfits that we decided that this would be our misfit piece, which we both enjoy as does our cat Sirona-Sophia.

Took some scrap yarn, doubled the yarn, to give it a nice thickness that would provide some nice warmth, while our cat Sirona-Sophia enjoys looking out our kitchen window. She spends a lot of time here throughout the day, watching the squirrels and birds that are active outside the window


Large enough afghan to fit a queen size bed


A beautiful aqua blue afghan


A large crochet afghan


A large crochet afghan for a new mom


BELOW: A queen sized crochet afghan made for my daughter, using C2C stitch, out of camouflage yarn. This took months and many skeins of yarn, but worth it!!