BELOW: A fun black cotton skirt that was made with a remnant piece I purchased while selecting the fabric for the backs of two quilts. My daughter Jenni loves to wear her own style, & as she leaves for college, she leaves with a few new outfits made w/her specifications. For this skirt she decided on an elastic waist, which uses a 1/4″ wide elastic, lined in pink tulle we had picked up a few months back. We searched for the “right” black cotton, and when this arrived, she knew that this was perfect for the look she wanted. The skirt lies on her hips, with the hem 4 inches above her knees, w/4″ tulle netting falling below.

BELOW: Jenni loves camo, so this was a jumper she was looking forward to wearing. I used camouflage denim, then lined it with a silky, satin lining for a more comfortable, luxurious feel. This style was designed by my daughter Jenni by combining the jumper idea w/the tulle net trim on the hem. A very modest look, that allows her to wear with a matching camisole, t-shirt, etc.

BELOW: Prior to her heading off to college, I spent some time with our youngest daughter, as well as working her to make some new clothes (or adapting old ones) before she leaves for college. Here is a dress made using Butterick B5559. What makes a dress great is when the recipient loves the style, the fabric & colors, which Jenni selected each. And you know your daughter is happy when you get “thank you mommy” along with a hug ♥

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