One thing that a hunter wants when going out early in the AM, and when it is cold out side, is a nice pair of warm hunting pants. These particular pants were made with 100% cotton camouflage denim, with orange flannel lining. Front pockets, change pocket, back pockets with pocket flaps, a well as side leg pockets with pocket flaps. Large belt loops, and depending on the weather, these can be worn (slightly loose) without thermals or jeans, or with the colder temps, over another pair of jeans. David is modeling these pants with another pair of jeans underneath. Nothing better than having your hunter dressed warmly, so that the outdoor experience is a little more enjoyable. Now, for the deer to find his way near to where he hunts 🙂


My husband requested a new hunting jacket. Of course, along with this request, was specific requests in terms of pockets (LOTS of pockets – 18 total) and a few other details. It was time consuming, but certainly worth the investment of time.
Materials used: Camouflage canvas material for base coat, fleece for hand warming pockets, quilted black cotton lining, the shoulder pads were machine quilted in order to match jacket,

BELOW: close-up of padded, quilted shoulder pads

BELOW: The right chest pocket(s) – well, “his” left pocket. The flap is up in this photo, the outer pocket is a full, regular pocket, underneath, another pocket that has 3 sections so that he can put the deer and duck calls, and whatever else he deems needing a thin pocket.

BELOW: This is a close-up of the left pocket (right chest pocket) where he requested a D-ring. He has 2 D-rings installed in this jacket.

BELOW: Inside the jacket…MORE pockets

The back pocket that he designed for bird hunting or to hold a poncho or rain cover, or whatever else he needs to carry.

Some more pictures. Hard to get the details in photo’s, due to the camouflage material, yet there are more details that would be fun to show.

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