Completed Outfits w/Girls – Wedding Date:November 8th, 2009 in GA
Brandy’s Flower Girls after they received their American Girl dolls dressed like themselves. Brandy provided the fabric, which was the same as what was used in making the dresses.

Be sure to view the W.I.P. (work-in-process) photo’s below, sharing the details of the dresses below.

As simple as these dresses look, working with tulle and providing a ruffled edge is a little more complicated than working with regular fabric.  Needed to use clear, transparent nylon to avoid a harsh look on the seam.
There are two layers of tulle covering the bodice as well as the overskirts on the dress with an overlay with ribbon hem.

The longer length dress shared a more elegant fashion, again using the exact same Dupioni silk fabric as in the dresses that these girls wore in the wedding. A very elegant fabric to work with, creating a look that represented the dresses quite well, using pictures that Brandy provided.

The third dress, is a knee length bubble skirt, with a fitted bodice.  The closure is done with 3 fabric covered buttons on the bodice, and a snap closure on the skirt at the waist line.  The seams are professionally done, yet no seams are exposed, providing for a nice finish.  The satin ribbon is temporary, as the bride will supply her own ribbon when the dress arrives in GA.

All dresses were made using Dupioni silk.  A beautiful fabric for making elegant bridal clothing, as well as the replica’s.  I have to admit, it is one of my fabric fabrics to work with when replicating the American Girl size dresses.

All dresses have finished seams, and in some places the skirt side seams are serged.  The bodices are all completely lined, and the three final dresses have snap closures on the back.

The dolls shown in the various photo’s are models from dolls I have on hand, borrowed from my daughters for use as models when needed.

Thank you for taking the time to view these replica’s that were a joy to create for Brandy and the girls who were blessed to be in the wedding party.