Heirlooms are something special that can and will be passed down from one generation to the next.

Heirlooms to be made from gowns, grandparent clothing & linens, etc. :  quilts, infant items, Christening Gowns, 1st Communion dresses, pot-holders, memory lap quilts, etc.  I can transform your vision into reality.

In addition, clothing worn by other family members can also be transformed into usable happy memories. Flannel shirts can be made into infant carseat capes, memory pillows and more. Jeans into aprons, picnic quilts, totes, …

After the wedding: gowns are being transformed in Christening gowns & boy outfits & 1st Communion Dresses.  Using the child’s grandmother’s wedding dress will also provides a cherished garment that will be treasured.  These same garments can be custom made from other materials you provide for this special moment in the child’s life.  What can you do after?  Display it in a shadow box with mementos’ from their special day.