One of the special items I truly enjoy creating are those of Christening gowns, made from the mother’s gown for their infant. Those who choose to do this, often times are doing it to create a family heirloom for all their children to wear as well as pass down for future generations.


Completed Christening gown from Catherine’s wedding gown for her daughter Lily.

Catherine was looking for someone who could transform her wedding gown into something special for Lilly to wear for her Christening. When she discovered that I pray while creating these special gowns, she knew that the right connection was made. Catherine is a very tiny woman, so I had to be very careful in the design and how I would implement her gown into her daughter’s gown. Before cutting, I had her dress hung for a few days, so as I went about my day with other work, I would glance often at what I would be blessed to work with. The next step was to take each part of the gown apart, in order to utilize each part efffectively. With the bodice, I left the front “as is” as I wanted to utilize the same design for Lilly’s gown. In doing this, I had to creatively use the most flat portion of the bodice in order to fit Lily’s body. The sleeves were created with the plain satin, as well as the bodice back. There was not sufficient embroidered fabric to create the bodice back to match. This choice made it more accomadating in placing the button closure. I created sleeve bands, with the full puffed, feminine look, that Catherine was hoping to achieve. The button closure was done with two rows, for the purpose of Catherine being able to have this dress as an heirloom to be used for different infants (different sizes) on their special day of Christening. These buttons were taken from Catherine’s dress. The bridal piping that was on Catherine’s gown was used in the same manner, separating the bodice from the skirt, on Lilly’s gown. The lining is the same lininig as Catherine’s gown. One request, along with the double layer of buttons, was to have a tie in order to also adjust the fit for any infant who would wear this gown. This tie was not able to be accomplished with the thick satin fabric, yet the lining was used to create this elegant effect quite nicely. Due to the size of the gown (Catherine is not a tall woman), I decided to apply the ties to the sides of the gown. The one effect that I was not too sure about, but was something Catherine really desired, was to incorporate the onesie she provided, in hopes that it will keep Lilly’s gown from pulling up. So many different options went through my mind, even to the point I was not even sure this would work. But, I knew that this was important to Catherine, so I ended up cutting off a portion of the top of the onesie, and attaching the rest to the gown. I look forward to seeing photo’s of Lilly on her special day, when she is presented to God, in this very special gown, made with love and prayer. May Lilly be a blessing to her parents as she grows into the Godly woman her parents desire her to be. Pictures are shared starting with the final, the work-in-progress followed by pictures of Catherine’s gown.


After the Christening, I received a beautiful email sharing pictures of Lily on her Christening Day, wearing the gown I made her from her mom’s wedding gown. I have so much to be thankful for, and yet emails like this fill my heart with joy. Here is the note I received from Jen:

“Dear Laura, I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying all the beautiful weather we are having. I wanted to share a couple photos from Lily’s baptism. It was a joyful day and Lily looked like a little angel! My family and friends were so impressed by your work. We received so much positive feedback. It was truly a memorable occasion. Thank you for all of your hard work and for being such a pleasure to work with. I will certainly be in touch for any future projects and refer family and friends to you! Thank you for bringing a smile and tear to my face with Lily’s gown. I couldn’t have wished for more. All the Best, Jen”


Completed Christening Gown with Bonnet from Mom’s (Jen’s) Wedding Dress for her daughter Lily.

Jen searched the internet looking for a seamstress to remake her wedding dress into her little girls Christening gown. The goal was to take the key elements of the dress and create an heirloom that Jen and her husband could use for all of their children. This is why the sleeves and bonnet are not all “girly”. Yes, we utilized the beaded embroidery, to capture “The Beginning” of love to the “Gift of Life”. They presented themselves to God in marriage, and in a few weeks will be presenting little Lily to God as their special gift that they are blessed to care for, as a commitment in raising her in a Godly manner. I used a white cotton print to make the gown less slippery for little Lily. All seams were serged to give it a more professional finish as well as prevent fraying.

The gift to create in this fashion is a blessing in which I am honored.


Stephanie was married Sept 2005.  During the spring of 2006 Stephanie and her husband brought into this world a lovely daughter, Mairead.  This October, their honeymoon baby “Mairead” is to be Baptized.  In her attempt to have something special to pass down with Mairead and other generations, Stephanie wanted to have her wedding gown cut down into a new family heirloom – which was chosen to be this Baptism Gown.

All materials, including zipper for closure, were taken from Stephanie’s wedding dress.  The bottom hem of the Baptism dress is the same trim that was at the bottom of Stephanie’s dress.  The bodice of the gown was used on the christening gown bodice, sleeves, bonnet, and blanket edges.  The only material that was not original from the dress, was the fleece that was used for the fleece blanket.  The edging on the blanket, was the original satin from Stephanie’s dress, pieced together to give it the final finish.

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