The Tote Bags on this page will be representative of newer fibers. You can find others that are from my line of New Life Textile Pages, that use various fabrics from various sources already in the cycle of life.

A Halloween Tote – Used a fun new fabric and lined it with some fabric I already had on hand.

The following was a request, for an embroidered piece my client made for her cousin. Once I received the embroidered piece of an indian maiden, I decided to use the colors of orange for inside the tote and to frame the piece to bring out the orange in the embroidered piece, then purple corduroy for the actual tote bag. The recipient was quite pleased with this special gift.

Customer provided some embroidery work and asked if I would be able to put it into something useful, such as a tote. In doing do, I took the embroidered piece to the fabric store, selecting an orange color that was within in the embroidery work, along with the purple. In doing so, I found a lovely 100% cotton fabric to frame the embroidered work, then found some purple corduroy to make the exterior/main tote and handles from. When framing the embroidered work, I was able to cover the back as well, allowing me to create a third pocket (double pocket on one side) for the recipient. Nothing better than having plenty of pockets!!


Every year I pick someone to make something special for. The person who I chose to make this beautiful tote is someone who has been supportive and was there during the times of my mother’n laws passing. The material inside the tote comes from the stash of fabric that I inherited from Mom. The exterior corduroy fabric is extra from some corduroy pants I had made one of my daughters when she was younger. The trim was something I had, just waiting for that special project to give to someone. I can’t announce who this tote is presented to until they have received it, so for now it is shown, depicting the work that was done, knowing it was done in love for someone who took the time to show a little extra love & caring to my family and I. The best gifts of love are the ones we ourselves would enjoy, would love to keep, yet give away anyway.


Here is a tote bag made for my daughter prior to her heading off to college with the “essentials” of survival. She mostly used this bag for toting around her books and visits to the library. Needless to say, she is a huge Winnie-the-Pooh fan.

NOTE: I do not represent Disney, nor is my work affiliated with them. This fabric was available via retail. With that in mind, please realize I create from fabric made to the public to meet the desires of my family, friends and those who request such items. I do prefer that clients provide their own licensed fabric so that it can be noted on your order.

“First Sale Doctrine: The ‘first sale doctrine’ is the legal doctrine that protects the items that you make from copyrighted fabric and sell. Under the first sale doctrine, a copyright owner can enforce its rights the first time it sells an item. After the first sale, the item enters the stream of commerce, and the copyright owner’s control ends. With copyrighted fabric, the first sale occurs when the copyright owner licenses or sells its copyright to the fabric manufacturer. When you purchase the fabric from a fabric store, your purchase is a subsequent sale that the copyright owner cannot control.” REF: Legalzoom

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