With the decision to create more due to various reasons, in addition to sewing, I will be doing a bit more crochet. This here is my 3rd afghan for 2021 and will be gifted to our middle daughter Holly, who will soon be delivering our 2nd grandson. Of course, when she saw these colors, she reminded me that her birthday was not too far off, hinting that she really loved these colors. No surprise to any of us in our family, as she has always been the one who loved bold, bright and beautiful colors like these.

So how does a mom resist, when her daughter shares her love for what is being created. This afghan is a lap size, approximately 40″, the same size in which I make my double-sided flannel blankets for baby’s and infants. Perfect size for cuddling, discrete nursing, napping, or cuddling up for story time or a book to enjoy on her own.

I have found that crochet allows me to be creative when my body decides sitting or standing at the sewing machine to be a bit challenging (ongoing chronic pain issues, but life goes on). Being one not to enjoy sitting around doing nothing, I like to have options so that I can keep my mind as well as creative self busy.

There are more afghan photo’s in my crochet (afghan) pages if one is interested.

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe while finding things for themselves to enjoy.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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