2010: Received older doll that was coming apart after years of love & storage. As a gift to her daughter, Donna asked for it to be repaired…she looks forward to surprising her daughter. Doll outfit was extra.

BELOW: Valerie’s Cherished Childhood Doll Redressed

Amy Lynn is a sock pattern doll, made from a 1980 Homespun Creations kit.  Amy Lynn was made for Valerie’s daughter, Tracey Lynn, by her granny as a special gift.  Granny and Tracey were very close.  When Tracey’s granny developed the dreaded Alzheimer’s,  Tracey, then 26 years old and single, moved out of her apartment and moved in with her for two years to assist her.  With the passing of her granny in 1999, who made this special Amy Lynn doll, it has become sentimental and a very special part of Tracey Lynn’s memories.

Unfortunately, as many children might experience, the dress was misplaced.  Amy Lynn arrived still in quality condition, wearing her original bonnet and bloomers.

The goal for this project was to try and find similar fabric and lace, to replicate the original dress and half apron.  To replace older fabric is difficult, but in my search, Valerie was pleased with the fabric that I was able to find that closely resembled the original material.  

Amy Lynn continues to wear her original bloomers, but now fashions a new dress, apron and bonnet.  I used vintage lace to closely resemble the lace that is on the bloomers, and used rick rack, which was what was used for the original outfit, to replicate the original look. 

BELOW: As you can see, Annabelle needed some much needed rest. While Annabelle visited, Emma missed her terribly.  The goal for this project was to have “Annabelle” return home in time for Thanksgiving, with a note explaining that she could no longer be mended.  But the plans were changed to have her arrive home at Christmas, when Emma received Annabelle’s granddaughter as her special gift.

Jonathan, it has been a pleasure working with you in finding a resolve to Emma’s loved dolly.  ~ Laura

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