In making masks and going through my stash, I came across some farm fabric, left over from a nursery theme for our youngest daughter. After reading my friends post about her relocation during the COVID-19 I thought first to make her a mask, and prayed that I would have sufficient material to make my grandson, who was going to turn 3, a quilt.

I had to be a little creative, using what resources I had on hand, yet it was a much needed break to sew something other than a mask. Making him a quilt was a “happy” project, in that it would be a gift I know he would treasure not only as something to snuggle under now, but for later years as a memory of what his grandmother had sewn specifically for him.

I had some John Deere fabric I had purposing purchased in ME two years ago, had the various other fabrics on hand from previous projects, that also brought back memories, a onesie that said “Organically Grown”, and selected some embroidery to make this quilt specific for him.

When I get the embroidery machine out, often times my husband gets involved, wanting to help with the work. So, it became a joint effort for that part of the project. Since the focus was about farm life, yet Bradley who loves trucks, tractors, cars…basically anything with wheels, I found an embroidery design quite suiting for this project, with the tractor embroidery becoming the central, most favorite part of the quilt.

A very happy grandmother holding her prized gift to be given to her grandson
Close-up of finished details
Finished…thinking i could take a nap under the cozy quilt
On his toddler bed
The back of the quilt, using a decorative stitch that was similar to that of tractor marks
Close-up of the onesie cut to fit on the square, with the added embroidery work

It was a joy in sharing of this special project for my grandson. I have the pictures also displayed on the page of Home Decor of Bedding, Blankets and Pillows with more of the background story.

Be well in heart and health, and enjoy the many blessing that life has to offer.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Creatively yours,


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