NOTE: Due to the nature of these items, there are NO RETURNS.
Thank you for understanding.

Jan 10th, 2021 UPDATE: Currently, no new masks are being made/added to inventory. With the onset of the retail establishment selling mass production of less costly masks, with no further sales, it is important to use my time wisely. Once the inventory is depleted, I will be closing my mask pages. OR, Once the pandemic has passed, if any masks are left over, they will either be donated or cut down into quilt squares. In addition, if I discover that there is a current “need” I will continue to donate from my current inventory as well as give where my heart is desiring to give. Mask making is tedious and I am honored to have participated in the mask making efforts at the onset of this pandemic, while trying to sell to help offset my costs. May we all continue to be safe, caring, and doing our part to bring our lives back to normal.

For those who need mask repairs, such as new elastic or nose bridges, and if your material is in good condition, I do provide replacement at $5 each.

Thank you to all those who have supported my efforts in giving back to my community and health providers, with your purchases, kindness and your compliments of the quality work I provided you.

To see the mask inventory, and safety measures I take in my sewing efforts, please continue to page 2.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

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