As parents and students alike, prepare to return to school, homeschool gatherings, worship, and seek out medical care, I have been able to create a variety of face masks for the young ones to purchase. This is the same size and style in which 200 of the ones I donated, were specific for children.

If you are looking for adult masks, please go to the For Sale page for Adult Masks

All children’s masks are 2-layer, 100% cotton, with 1/8″ elastic ear-loops
One-size – NO NOSE Bridge
$10 each plus shipping & handling (or pick-up)

If you desire a nose bridge in your child’s mask, I can take one (or two) apart and insert one for you at an additional charge of $5 each.
Non-returnable due to the nature of the product.
See further down below for available masks for purchase.

Children have a different size nose than adults, and will potentially find a nose bridge uncomfortable. Plus, since children fidget (I myself sometimes fidget), and in doing so, can bend them back’n forth when not wearing them, and the bridge can break.

Yes, you guessed it I’m sure: I was fidgety after coming out of the grocery store while sitting in the passenger seat where I broke the bridge in one of my masks. LOL Fortunately I can replace them, yet learned to no longer do that. Kids often times will forget to be careful.

If you decide you would like a custom mask with a nose bridge for your child, it can be done. Please note that I might request you supply the fabric.

To get an idea of how these masks fit, above are pictures of my grandson (and daughter on the right) where he is modeling his face mask, as he waits for his pediatrician to arrive. He is 3 years old, on the small size for their children’s growth chart, and wears a size 2-3 in children’s clothing.

Since he has remained at home, and has rarely gone out; kept clean, his masks will last him for a few years. More so for when the mandate subsides and he only wears it when absolutely necessary.

BELOW: Face masks currently available for children. Please be mindful, in that masks, due to the nature of them, are NOT RETURNABLE. Click on picture to enlarge.

How to purchase: email me at or call 603.753.9267 or connect with me on my Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties Facebook page.
Cash payment for pick-up
Personal Check or Money order to be shipped ($5 for 1st class & $10 for Priority for most packages)

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