Various kitchen items for sale will be listed. These are items that Laura has created with TLC and plenty of attention to detail and quality.


BOWL COZIES – $15.00 each

A popular item, where not only has our family enjoyed with daily use, but also others who have purchased them and find them quite handy for hot or cold, food items.

OTHER USES – Soft bowls to store various items, while protecting surfaces, and keeping things organized:
– Keys that are tossed on the kitchen table
– Cell phone storage cozy
– Dresser: wallet, watches, change, etc.

– Made with 100% cotton, 100% natural cotton batting, 100% cotton thread.
– Fabric has been pre-washed, removing fabric chemicals & pre-shrinking of material. When soiled, wash with your regular loads of laundry.
– Keep hands from burning while enjoying hot meals
– Protect your dinner table from hot dishes
– Keep hands from freezing while enjoying a homemade ice cream sundae.

NOTE: Although made with 100% cotton materials, I recommend NOT warming food items up for more than 2 min. if placing these fun cozies inside the microwave while reheating food.
RECOMMEND: Warming/Cooking food on the stove top, put food in bowl, then in cozy. Or, if warming food in microwave, after heating put hot dish in cozy for hand and/or table protection.


More items to be showcased & For Sale

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