Due to various pain issues, one being the cervical in which I deal, one of the therapies that both my massage therapist as well as my chiropractor do for me, is a pressure point maneuver that hurts at first, yet releases the tension. I searched for something to do the same thing, yet they were hard small plastic units that simply did not stay in place. This cervical, therapeutic pillow provides the benefit of keeping my head in place, with a firm pressure on my neck when I lay down for tension release exercises as well as my other spine exercises (such as pulling my knees up to my chest). 

Above are photo’s of my husband and I using the first therapeutic pillow. For myself, I love how it keeps my neck stable in order to meditate, but also when needing to relax. We both find it perfect for helping us with headaches, while we both use it when doing exercises  where our neck should be stabilized. With the creation of this pillow, my husband requested one of his own, which I made one from the camouflage material for his personal use.

Above, are close-up views of the first (prototype) pillow, sharing the details. Not only is the pillow sewn to make its shape, but in addition, to give it added support in an effort to keep the “fluff from falling out”, I chose to provide a top stitch. There is a section where I leave open to stuff, then later hand stitch to close. Not only is the cost of materials (100% heavy cotton, some denim and some cotton upholstery), stuffing and ribbon part of the price, but also the time to prepare materials (pre-washed in OxyClean, and then dried), place pattern, cut, pin, sew and stuff, then the final stitching, plus overhead. Often times people look at the “simplicity” of an item, not realizing the time element involved, forgetting that the small business person is creating with attention to details, which does not result in a competitive price product. I do wish I had the stuffing machine that the Build-a-Bear uses. It would fluff and fill much faster, but instead it is all hand stuffed, with work to make sure each area is filled well. 

I will not be mass producing these pillows, nor will I be custom making them with specific fabric pattern requests. If you desire a particular fabric, you will need to supply it, as to shop for materials for your particular preference, can be time consuming to search & shop. Instead as I make them, I will be using materials I already have on hand, materials I might repurpose, or materials I find when I am shopping for other purposes.

Below are the available Neck Therapy Pillows:
– Use under neck as shown above.
– Use under leg, knee or foot, when one needs to elevate for therapeutic purposes
– Have your PT, MT and/or Chiropractor share with you options for additional uses.

I have used my pillow under my calf to relieve some sciatica pain, under my knee as well as under my ankle for when my leg might need to be elevated.

I DO NOT recommend to use in place of a soft pillow between your knees while you sleep, nor use under your neck when sleeping.

The triangular shape is designed to stay in place, giving the same pressure each time, and not so soft it loses its shape as similar, inexpensive pillows do. The triangular shape keeps it from rolling, with the ribbon straps on the sides to help put comfortably in place. 

They weigh approximately 1 1/2 pounds and are approximately 15″ x 8″

Made with non-stretch heavy cotton materials. Currently using premium polyester fiberfil (firmly filling each pillow individually) and ribbons on the sides to help one adjust placement. Eventually I hope to use 100% cotton fill for these and other stuffed projects.

Price is dependent on cost of material, as material (fabric) costs range from $12 – $20+, where I try to work with quality cottons with no stretch, along with the cost of fill and ribbon. Shipping is extra, although pick-up arrangements can be made. 

Currently payment can be made via cash (pick-up) or checks from those I personally know or bank transfer via Zelle. I do not accept Paypal or Venmo.  Please email me at laura@davinadawnsewing.com with your interest. Pillows will be marked SOLD when they are no longer available. New fabric patterns will be added as I come across other appropriate fabric, yet only as long as there is interest.

NOT RETURNABLE nor refundable!! Due to the nature of these pillows, being used under your neck, I cannot accept returns as they cannot be resold. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean with a damp cloth. You can use a drop of dawn dishwashing liquid with a damp washcloth, then wiped down with a clean damp washcloth. To keep clean, more so when multiple people might be using your pillow, consider covering with a pillowcase. 

Due to how fully stuffed these pillows have been made, I do not recommend putting into the washer and dryer, as I cannot share in confidence that the inner most part of the pillow will dry, resulting in mold & mildew over time. 

I am not a doctor, so I am not going to make any medical claims. I am sharing from personal experience, that the firmness of these pillows provides the therapeutic relief that both my husband and I benefit. Designed as a result of discovering the cervical complications I work towards improving.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

May you stay healthy with a life filled with joy,