This page is dedicated to sharing how I recommend that one care for their reusable pads.

They will arrive, with fabrics already pre-washed before construction, using Oxy-clean and vinegar, as this removes many of the chemicals that are in the fabrics we purchase, but also the result of many individuals who have handled the bolts of fabrics prior to my purchase.

Caring and Washing your Reusable Pads.

Since these items are worn close to sensitive skin, it is advisable to wash with gentle products that will not have allergens that could irritate your delicate region.

Do not use hot water, as the heat will set any stains, as well as break down the fabrics. Cold water cleans quite nicely, while preventing fabrics from breaking down too quickly over time. This will allow your pads to last longer than the average 5 years.

Although you can toss these in the dryer, it is best to use the lowest setting on your dryer, such as air-drying. The best method is out in the sunshine, where the sun can help with any stain concerns. Otherwise, on a rack in your bathroom, or hang from a clothesline or even a hanging tab with snaps, made especially for your pads to snap to it, in order for them to hang and dry.

Use gentle cleaning options. Many detergents today have chemicals that are damaging to fabrics but also an irritant to ones skin. 

Avoid bleach, fabric softeners, zeolites, sodium laurel sulphate, color additives, and perfumes. For those who prefer a scent, using 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil, in your sink of rinse water or vinegar rinse, will provide a gentle, non-irritating and antibacterial benefit to your pads. Please NOTE: Vinegar is a natural fabric softener.

My washing mix recommendation: 1:1:1 ratio of washing soda, baking soda and Oxy-clean. Consider a canning jar (or recycle a jar you just emptied) and combine 1/3 c. of each of the above items (washing soda, baking soda and Oxy-clean).  All you really need is just 1 Tbsp. for a small load to wash in the bathroom sink, or no more than a ¼ c. of the mixture for a small – medium washer load, where you might include a towel or two.

Use Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar, found in your store laundry aisle, for stain removal. After pad is rinsed, rub the Fels-Naptha on area, then rinse again until you are ready to wash your pads. You can store your used pads, that are waiting for wash day, in a small covered container in your bathroom or in a larger wet bag, hung discretely under your sink cupboard.

If you tend to your pads after each use, you will discover that it is not all that difficult to keep them clean and in good condition without excess work.

Cleaning recommendation for incontinent leakage:

  1. Light leakage: spray with a ratio mixture of 1:2 Vinegar:Witch Hazel
  2. Heavy leakage: spray with a mixture ratio of 1:2 Vinegar/Witch Hazel, followed by a small drop of Dawn (original) dish soap mixed with water to pre-wash, then rinse the soap out with cool water, then rinse again with vinegar. Ring out the excess moisture, then rack or line dry near a heat source or outside until you are able to do a small wash load.

Once ready for the washer:

  • Use my recommended mild washing mix (or your preferred laundry detergent).
    • Small loads: 1 Tbsp. of this mix followed by a vinegar rinse, will clean them quite nicely. Please know, that there is no vinegar smell, even prior to tossing into your dryer or hanging out in the sunshine or on your dryer rack.
      NOTE: Since these take up very little space in the washer, you can also do a small wash in your sink or simply wash again, in the sink, after step 2 above.
    • Larger loads (where you might include a few towels or incontinent pads from your bedding) use ¼ c of powdered mixture. Again, do NOT use hot water.
  • These can be dried in the dryer on low, but it is best if hung on a clothes rack, or hung on a clothesline out in the sunshine.

Cleaning recommendation for Menstruation:

  1. For lightly stained pads (usually your liners), simply rinse in cool water. Consider spraying 1:2 ratio of Vinegar to Witch Hazel, as explained for incontinence use.
  2. For other stains, pre-rinse in cold water, use just a drop of Dawn dish detergent for stubborn stains, and rinse again to make sure all the soap is removed.
  3. Another option for stains: Use a bar of Fels-Naptha (found in your laundry aisle) and rub on the wet pad to remove the stain. This product has been around for years, and is an excellent stain remover. Remember, rinse well after working the stain out.
  4. For those that do not have the time to wash daily, consider having a small bucket with a lid to soak your pads in prior to washday. Rinse your pad(s) in cold water first, before placing them in the bucket, to remove as much staining as possible. 
  5. Follow steps 3-4, as noted in the caring & cleaning of pads used for incontinence purposes.

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