A window seat project: A quality 5″ firm foam cushion (as I recommended), cut to specifications, wrapped, then covered. This particular cushion is the size of a love seat, and fits nicely on the bench seating in her room of books.


Below are seat cushions made for a home that supported their church youth group. One room was where the pool table was, the other for social moments for meals and bible study.

Since the seating space was custom made by a cabinet maker, they also needed custom made cushion to specifically fit the seating. Notice the window area, in how that particular back cushion needed a different height than the rest.

This job required that I work on-site for measurements, sometimes for cutting to be sure of measurements, although the sewing was mostly done at home in my sewing area. My task was to order the cushions, the covering of cushions, notions needed, and the upholstery fabric the client decided upon.

My client from MD needed pillows but also a cushion cover. Due to the awkwardness of shipping her cushion, she requested that I create a cover to fit it with measurements she provided. Fortunately, since it was a recover, with her providing excellent measurements, I was able to accommodate her request. All materials, cording and pillow forms were provided by the customer. The window seat cushion has a zipper closure for ease in replacing her old cushion.

Custom Pillows created with materials provided by customer from MD. Both pillows are reversible, and they both have cording around the edges.


Some work my husband and I did for our home. I was looking for a love seat type couch that had an antique look yet quality workmanship for the frame. A friend knew I was looking but shared it would need to be reupholstered. So, I incorporated the help of my husband to do the removal of the old and help with the actual reupholstery. I made the pillow cushions, I cut the new pieces out, using the old fabric taken from the couch, and we went to work. We both previously worked in furniture manufacturing, but not the upholstery side, so this was quite educational for us.

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