This past Tues., a new client messaged me asking what my wait time was for hemming a single pair of pants. With everything being relative, I asked a few questions and offered some options for drop-off so that I could get them back to him this week. Although I can’t always provide a quick turn-around, there are times in which this can be done without a rush fee.

Wednesday, after work, he arrived promptly at the time he shared he would with contact info so that I could reach out to him as soon as they were done.

When seeing that they were camo, light weight, hunting pants, I knew the reason as to why he was asking about the turn-around time. Understanding hunters and their desire to get out into the woods, the turn-around time was essential.

Since I have reduced the number of fittings I take in, due to personal reasons, I request that customers provide pinned placement of their requested length or their inseam measurement. For many, this works out quite well due to their work schedules and family needs, as they can drop off even if I am not home with a note with their name and phone number.
NOTE: This is only done after communicating with them via email or private messaging on my Facebook page, while providing them with an estimate along with instructions as to where they need to drop off.

My client brought his pants pinned to wear he wanted them to be hemmed. Plenty of length needed to be taken off in order to provide a 28″ inseam for him while being able to provide the same 1″ hem that was original to the pants. I was pleased that I had matching thread, to what was used in the construction of these pants, so that the hem would match, giving the illusion that there was no alteration done.

This morning, adjusting my schedule of the work I had in front of me, I put these pants as my 1st priority to complete for him. 

After confirming the inseam and determining how much needed to be removed to provide an appropriate hem, I made the cut and prepared the pants to be hemmed.

I don’t always use these clips for pant hems, yet due to the type fabric with the intent in avoiding pin-holes, I have found that these work best for this type fabric and holds things in place quite nicely while i prepare to sew.

These lightweight, breathable pants are made of 92% polyester with 8% elastane in order to give them a little bit of a stretch for movability in the woods.

The above photo shows the final work having been pressed. Although one should not take an iron to this type fabric, there is a way in which the pressing can be done, in order to provide the crisp hem I like to see, providing a professional look. NOTE: There are some fabrics to which this still can’t be done.

After completing the work, within 17 hrs after drop off, I called my client and shared that his pants were done so that they could be picked up, to which he responded with surprise and with appreciation for the quick turn-around. 24 hrs after drop-off, he came by to pick up, pleased with the work and turn-around, allowing him to wear these this weekend as he goes out hunting.

A rewarding job in which the client was pleased with the workmanship and customer service.

May those who are heading out into the woods to hunt, be safe as well as bring home the food their families will consume and enjoy.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

Be safe, Be healthy and enjoy the beauty in life,

Professional Custom Seamstress, Textile Artist, Writer

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