Yesterday afternoon after communicating with a friend and repeat customer discussing the details of what he was looking for in his next mask, I later received a group message in which he had shared with all his contacts. I am truly humbled by his kind words and positive feedback, while sharing with others, his personal views and endorsement of my sewing as well as the product of face masks, in which he and his wife Leisa received. 



Customized face masks made in USA by a seamstess friend! The link says it all! If want to know why – read below.

I hope you’re all doing well and I wanted to share with all of you a fantastic option to get a customized mask from an amazing seamstress. I’ve know Laura and her high school sweetheart now celebrating over 40 yrs married to David.

Many of you know my attention to detail. As with many of us, when covid-19 hit us by surprise – masks were suddenly advertised everywhere. I got caught up in the frenzy and ordered two face masks at the end of March and still waiting – not realizing they are coming from China! Then I saw Laura’s posting on my Facebook page. What impressed me most, was Laura taking her God given skills, sewing to make over 350 face masks for hospitals and front line workers volunteering, while many of us stayed put.

The quality of her craft is evidence while using her medical experience to make sure every part of her process, down to her protective shipping takes into consideration the people who will be putting these on there faces. Just read her words and immediately you’ll gravitate to wanting to order these instead of a factory or foreign country.

I’m proud to be one of the satisfied customers appearing on her page, wearing my American flag mask with Leisa next to me with her patriotic Owl mask! If you see the frog yoga masks – the one says reserved with yoga frog sitting is for my wife’s second mask from Laura. Yameste!”

Thank you Jeff and Leisa, for your support and kind words. I am humbled and appreciate your efforts in staying safe and caring for those around you.


If you are needing a quality made face mask, as they are currently required at many public establishments, you can find what I have in inventory at my Face Masks Sale Page.

Even after the need for masks has subsided for COVID-19, these masks will continue to serve you for other purposes: when you visit another who is compromised (during any viral season), when you are sick and need to see a MD or pick up remedies at your local health food store or pharmacy, when working with chemicals or products that can affect your breathing, as well as when you are outdoors during allergy season.

Please note: Although I have worked in the medical field as a licensed nurse assistant, certified surgical technician, and have done studies for medical coding, nutrition, herbalism and essential oils, I do not claim that cloth masks will prevent one from acquiring COVID-19 or any other viral or lung infection. Cloth face masks are designed to be used as a barrier, in an effort to help protect you and others from the spread of any virus.

Face masks should be cleaned after each use and appropriately stored in a clean bag until your next use, and even if you frown on the use of them, one might appreciate wearing one that is fun and comfortable. Recommended cleaning guidelines will be included in your order.

For details on my process, my sharing in my efforts to maintain safety standards while creating each mask, and to see what is currently available, please check out my: Face Mask Sales Page

Be kind, be caring and may you find joy and beauty in each day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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