It has been awhile since I have made therapy bags, yet sometimes a client comes along and desires one that is custom made for their specifications. This particular therapy bag, was made for a woman who hikes with my oldest daughter, and desired a therapy bag with real lavender for the scent.

This particular therapy bag has 4 channels, where each channel is filled with equal amounts of a lavender blend using lavender buds and rice. The outer edges are top-stitched in order to provide an extra level of confidence of knowing the rice and lavender will not leak out the sides.

A beautiful purple batik flannel was used for the covering. Above is the front view, in which this side would go against the area in which you desire to use the bag with the cover. Below is showing the opening area, while also providing a nice closure. 

The great thing about a therapy bag with a cover, is that you can remove the bag and wash it (the cover), as the bag itself is NOT washable. 

These are a beautiful and thoughtful gift, made with TLC, here in NH, USA

I plan to make a few more lavender bud therapy bags, which I will upload once they are made. These will be selling at $40 plus S&H. 

Questions/Inquiries: Please feel free to contact me via email at 

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