Sometimes you need to stop what you are doing for others, and make time for yourself. It has been a crazy few months with non-stop mask making. Although I have taken time to work in the gardens, sometimes competing with the wildlife for the fruit (currently it looks like the chipmunks have been enjoying our strawberries, and although the raspberries look to be a good crop, we know from experience they love them as well) and pruning and tending . In addition, I have been working with my husband on updating our living room, and as previously posted: reupholstered a chair for him and made him a hassock.  

With the requests coming in for various mask design and themes, I have had to stop special ordering fabric. It is time consuming and costly, something the consumer doesn’t often see, and often times not realizing the cost of materials. For masks I have spent $12 – $18.50 a yard, plus S&H, to obtain quality 100% cotton.

I digressed… Yesterday, while searching for a yoga theme type fabric in my inventory/stash of intended projects, I came across this FUN, frogs doing yoga print, that I intended to make comfy, casual, lounge-around-the-home pants. As I contemplated cutting a few masks out, I knew I would have to work around the fabric to get some nice masks that allowed for centering the image of the frog doing a yoga pose. After contemplating and measuring the fabric, I knew I needed to make the pants first, then work with what was left for masks. I am so glad I made this decision!! I absolutely loved being able to spoil myself. I just might need to do that more often.

I’m laughing in this picture because as my husband was taking it I was losing my balance. I am surprised he did not capture a photo of me being a bit off-balanced as I was leaning to the side.
I do much better standing on two feet. These pants are so comfortable, that they will be great for the yoga I do manage to do, where I am a bit more balanced. 🙂

Now that the pants are made, there is fabric to make masks or another fun project. Below are views from the comfy pants, showing more of the print, as well as the quality sewing. Side seams are all serged, while the hems and waistband are created with a quality finish. 

Click on images to enlarge for a better view.

For a tease, below are the mask fronts, that are currently cut out. I still need to cut out the lining and outer layers, elastic lengths, then create the masks. I do have extra material, although not much, I am thinking about making another small project with the material vs. masks.  

After working with this fabric, I did some searching, and found that this is no longer being manufactured and out-of-stock where I did manage to find it. I am disappointed I did not purchase more, but there are still plenty of fun fabrics being manufactured, and many here in the USA!! 

Once the masks are made, they will be posted on my Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties Facebook page as well as on the Masks for Sale page here on this site.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I hope you are each staying healthy and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

Be safe, be kind and share some love with those around you.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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