Massage Therapist in NH, modeling one of my masks

This morning I was able to update the FOR SALE – Face Masks page. The various masks are sorted by size and style. Be sure to scroll to find what you are looking for.

As of today, the emergent need for masks is changing. Individuals are seeking to purchase quality masks for when they are required to wear them.

Since there are many available mask options available, you have choices from business supply stores, social media click-bait sites, even fabric stores are now selling pre-made masks, as well as other seamstresses who are still selling masks. Although I would love for you to purchase from me, I respect the consumers need to decide for themselves what they are looking for in a mask.

What I Provide with my Masks:

  • 100 % cotton, all pre-washed in Oxy-clean and rinsed in Vinegar
  • Made in a clean environment with hands washed frequently and with the use of hand sanitizer.
  • Quality nose bridge pieces sewn into the mask.
  • Each mask is created with quality materials, 50 years of various sewing skills with attention to detail. I do not “rush” through simply to produce a product for my customers.
  • All masks are washable, making them reusable for a longer period of time, while also making them cost effective. Taken care of, they will last longer than the pandemic, allowing you to have your personal coverage when you visit someone who is ill or if you are ill and needing to see a physician.
  • Masks are made in consideration of fit. The elastic versions have different elastic lengths for men and women. They are noted on the sales page.
  • With a desire to produce a quality product, I researched what was best for a cloth mask. I also incorporated my 5 years of medical work and education (Licensed Nurse Assistant, Certified Surgical Technician, Medical Coding, and various health courses), in making a decision in how I wanted to provide a product that was safe and effective. This does not mean that they are medical grade, nor do I claim they will prevent one from becoming ill. They are a tool in helping to keep one (and others) safe.
  • Care instructions with each order.


Many masks available on the Mask Sales Page

Be safe, be kind, share love with others, and may you find joy in your day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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