Over the past few weeks, in between working on an update to our living room and some work in our yard, I have been working on face masks for children. Although I have donated quite a few to the local hospitals, these will be added to the site tomorrow with individual pictures.

These masks are 2-layer, 100% cotton, 1/8″ ear loops (as i have found these to be the most comfortable for children), and no nose bridge. Although a mask can be custom made to include a nose bridge for your child, I decided it was best to not have them in these masks, as a child has a much smaller nose than adults, and could be frustrating for them.

In deciding to make masks for the children, I tried using a variety of fabrics that would be fun for them. The Paw Patrol was the most tedious, as the fabric did not have a small print, requiring that I waste fabric as I attempted to create masks centering the characters. Some are mixed but most are centered.

Paw Patrol was not on my radar, until my daughter, a Special Needs Teacher, shared with me, that this would be a hit for children. Then I shared with her the other options, and thought they would be great.

Like adults, our children have various personalities, and in knowing that, it was a bit of a challenge to know what kids would like. Hopefully I have selected enough variation for them.

Tomorrow morning I will work on the website, providing a page specific for the children and show in better detail what is available.

If you have interest in any of these masks, feel free to contact me via laura@davinadawnsewing.com, on Facebook or via phone at 603.753.9267

Payment options are cash for in person pick-up or personal check or money order for shipments.

I hope that everyone is staying safe, being kind to others and finding joy in each day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~

love, hugs, and prayers,

Textile Artist, Custom seamstress

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