Fifty years ago, at the age of 8, Laura began her sewing journey, starting with a child’s sewing machine. Back in 1968, compared to today’s beginner sewing machines, the child’s beginner models actually worked allowing a child to learn some basic skills, while enjoying their creativity. 

By the time Laura was 12, she began using her mother’s Singer sewing machine to make her school clothing of dresses, blouses and pants. Even at that young age, before she started any home economics course in school, she was matching plaids, putting in zippers, and lining things up so that the clothing looked just as nice as the ready-to-wear clothing one would find at the local clothing stores. Of course, back in the late 60’s – 70’s, fabric was also quite a bit less expensive than what we find in todays market, and the quality far superior.

While working as an Accountant, she and her husband began their family, and were blessed with little girls. And of course, as one would imagine, there were many little girl dresses and outfits, bedding, and doll clothing that was created for them as they grew. During lunches she would sometimes work on the little creations, which sparked an interest in others wanting to purchase items from her. 

With 16 years working in the accounting field, specializing in cost and financial planning, this experience assisted her in making a decision in which she knew how to absorb her costs and allow her to run a business vs. a hobby. In 2000, Laura officially established her sewing business, creating custom items for infants, children, along with specialized, custom doll clothing for doll collectors. As word got out of her skills, people began requesting alterations and mending from everyday wear to formal and wedding attire, as well as military patchwork and alterations.

As in life, there can be challenges that enrich our path. About 4 years ago I had to retire from my sewing, except for the occasional request, due to Lyme disease and its co-infections along with other health concerns. During this time I learned how to crochet, because I felt guilty not being able to support our financial needs. In learning to crochet, I at least felt productive.

During the 4-year time span, I have learned a great deal about Lyme disease itself as well as holistic means to healing such as with essential oils and herbs, which has enabled me to write more.

Although my LLMD does not consider me in remission, and it is possible I might not ever reach that goal, since I was diagnosed so late, I am doing better.

My goal for Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties, is to focus on heirloom custom work with variable alterations, mending and some items for sale. I will be balancing my time, in that I can better manage my schedule while managing my health. All appointments are scheduled with no drop-offs or drop-by fittings.

I look forward to allowing my creativity to create and inspire.

~ Laura

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