This past week, I asked my husband if he would model a new mask style, that would allow one to wear their mask with an elastic to go over the head and around the neck. Those who know me, understand that my desire is never to create something fast, but rather take the time to create what a consumer would want. Fortunately, my husband is great at providing me the critique that I am looking for. In order to make this style fit best, he provided me the feedback that I was looking for, requiring that I take it apart, and make the necessary adjustments. In doing so, he found that this is now one of his favorite masks, as he can also wear it under his hat, giving him additional support in knowing it will stay in place. (I will try to get a photo of that when it is light outside).

Now, not everyone will like this style, as we all have our own personal preference. I prefer the elastic around the ears, and considering that I have skin sensitivity, I am very particular about the elastic that I use. David likes the elastic around the ear as well, and due to his feedback there, I was able to adjust the regular pleated style, using a longer elastic for men. I also like the ties that fit the head in the same manner (some tie them behind their ears) because for me, since my hair is thin, the elastic tends to damage my hair. 

In addition, this style mask has the nose bridge that I put in most all my masks, allowing for a better fit as well as reduce glass fog. This style I used tin tines, similar to those found on coffee bags, although some of my masks are made with a pliable soft metal, providing the same comfortable fit.

Today I finished up 11 more pleated styles like this, with the elastic going above the head and around the neck. The elastic is sewn into the pleats, vs. put into a casing as some others might create. The reason I do not slip the elastic through a casing, allowing the wearer to adjust, is that I find that the pleats do a much better job at providing the fit one needs for around their face.

The elastic around the neck might seem loose, compared to what one would expect, but I also tried on his mask to understand why he made that comment. It is not loose where it does not allow for a good fit, but rather a comfortable fit. But also, if I had it any tighter, it would not go over ones head very well.

That was the other nice thing about this mask. Both male and females will be able to wear this style mask comfortably. NOTE: all masks made as samples that my husband, myself, or other family member and sometimes a friend, are NEVER put back into inventory to sell. One sample is made, while making adjustments, allowing me to make sure what I will put on my web-site will be well fitting.

What is currently available of this style, is for the average size head, and not for the longer face as some people have, nor the wider/larger faces. If you find that most masks seem to be just a smidgen too small between nose and chin, you need my larger length mask. Let me know, and I can work with you, as I have with other customers looking for a good fit.

Following are the new styles that are on my Masks For Sale Page:

Although the urgency for face masks seems to be over, there will always be a need for a good quality face mask. When you receive a mask from Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties, you will receive care instructions within a plastic bag for you to store your mask in, after it is cleaned, and until you need it again.

Whether purchasing from me or another seamstress, be sure that it is made with 100% cotton, ask how many layers,

Thank you for reading this blog post and visiting here at Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties. I hope that you are well and staying safe.

Be kind, be thankful, and may you find joy and beauty in each day.

~ Putting Thread to Fabric ~


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